I'm sorry to my fellow Doper Spelling Nazis.

You know up until today I’ve never really cared for the spelling Nazis on this board.

Every time you guys check in with correction here, correction there; I just want to strangle your metaphorical neck.

Then I clicked on the link in THIS thread and proceeded to read the comments that went along with it.

JEEZUS!! I thought my head was going to explode!! I felt like I was reading something that was pecked out on a keyboard by a blindfolded chicken.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself how grateful I am that The SDMB doesn’t flow like that.

I guess that’s thanks to all you spelling/grammar Nazis that are constantly keeping us on our toes!!

So THANKS guys.

[Disclaimer: In case it isn’t incredibly obvious: This thread was posted with tonge firmly in cheek.]




You’re welcome. I do try to keep myself in check, but sometimes the errors are just too egregious.

Sailboat, you damn Spelling Nazi!

Hahaha, that’s too funny!

But you’re going to let him get away with *this * one?