I'm Sorry, You Have Reached the End of Time

At the tone, the time will be: are words most of us have heard, but not for much longer.

Jane Barbe was very famous for being “that lady from the phone announcements.” She actually parodied her role in this a number of times on The Simpsons. “The lever you have pulled- brake- is no longer in service.”

Well of course they do, you fool! That’s why people call for the time! Sheesh!

FOOLS! Everyone said the end of time would be in 2012? Did they LISTEN when I said the end was approaching sooner th

The machine sounds like it would be a good item to film working and send to the national archive.

Didn’t she also do the “That number can no longer be reached from this phone, you - negligent - monster.”?

This makes me sad, even though I haven’t called Time for years…

that’s odd. i just called CT’s number (or New Haven exchange’s, anyway) and it’s still working.

they’ve inserted an add for AT&T prior to giving you the time & temp, instead of the “phone tips” they used to have.

Wow. I mean, the whole subject blows my mind, and I find the end of it a little sad. But I never knew that that was Barbe on the Simpsons.

In fact, I never knew that Barbe was Barbe. I never really thought about it. But I’ve often joked that I was dating the time lady, and she had such a sexy voice, and damn, I miss her, so I’m going to call her right now. 734-1234 was my favorite number.

We’re talking about two people here, actually.

Jane Barbe did the “We’re sorry…” announcements. She died in 2003, shortly after retiring.

The “Popcorn” time announcements were voiced by Joanne Daniels. Joanne’s still alive and well.