I'm still awake. And I'm lonely :(

Anyone else out there? It’s 5:39am my local time. Surely that’s prime posting time for someone else, right?

I can’t sleep. As usual. Already took my meds. I’m on more than the recommended max dosage of my current sleeping pill which is doing precisely jack shit as you can see. (and yes that’s by doctor’s orders, not self-medicating here)

I just kind of want to be in contact with someone else right now. Not be alone. I mean I’m not technically alone but my husband and son are asleep and it would be a dick move to wake one of them up to keep me company. But I just feel really isolated and lonely :frowning:


I’m here OpalCat! it’s only 7.44 pm where I am, but I’ll help you count sheep if you like :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also here. I’ve not been to bed since sometime early Friday morning.
I’m really getting sick of not being able to sleep much these days. It’s 5:50am where I live.

BTW, I was in Boston for my first time earlier this year - quite a lovely city you have there!

The wife and I just had dinner - Thai chicken rice, and we’re watching TV, and internetting right now. I don’t care much for the show on TV - a family special about unusual animals. Mmmm.

Same here! Hi Opal!:smiley:

Another Japan resident here. My better half is studying for an exam, so I’m just here lurking as usual. By the way, it’s almost 8pm (Saturday) local time.

I am in great spirits here. I just watched Benji Marshall take New Zealand from fucked to victory against Australia. Great game with a last minute Benji inspired miracle.

So wattup?

10.02pm AEST, and the rain has finally stopped here in Melbourne after raining all day. It was a high of 16, after 32 yesterday - I can never get used to such dramatic shifts in temperature. Still, it’s making the baby sleep soundly, the heat seems to make it harder for her to kip.

Asleep yet? Figure talking about the weather may help you drop off. :slight_smile:

Awake since 4 a.m. here when my pager went off (I’m on call). Generally I only half-sleep on call anyway and will head back to the hospital in an hour or so.

You need to use Fahrenheit for the Americans.

Many years ago, when I was a Psychiatric Nurse, there was a woman who used to ring me up to talk about killing herself. She did this while her husband was asleep in the next room.

As far as I know our chatting worked just fine.

Good night, apparently.

It’s 3:18 AM here. Yet another night on the night shift. wheeee.

We seem to have bored her right to sleep.

Sorry I read the cruise ship thread and then came back. I’m still here. Thanks for showing up! Now what shall we do?

Go to sleep! (Well, I am–hope you can soon too!)

I"m not sleepy :frowning:
I’m tired, but not sleepy. Like if I close my eyes? They boing back open.

5 minute dance party!

gets up and does the robot

But I have two kitties in my lap! I can’t move!

Give them those little neck massages that make them purr. Close your eyes while doing it.