I'm Strong To The Finicsh, 'Cuz I Eatz Me...Bread?

Advertising Age reports King Features Syndicate is planning to make their sailor man more common place before he turns 75 in 2004. Cartoon Network has moved his cartoons to a more decent hour Sunday night, but I guess that’s not enough, as Popeye originally was (and still is) a comic strip character (although it was first in the cartoons in which he ate spinach fer strength). But KFS thinks Popeye should be more well-known. And what better way to create awareness of Popeye than Popeye bread?

King has licensed the family of Popeye characters to Animated Foods, which in turn is pitching supermarket chains including Kroger Co., Pathmark Stores and others on iron- and calcium-fortified Popeye White Bread as well as Wimpy Hamburger Rolls, Swee’pea Wheat Bread and Olive Oyl Hot Dog Rolls. The licensing agreement calls for retailers to pay a 12.5 cent fee per bag for the Popeye packaging, which will enclose breads that retailers agree to manufacture in-house or in conjunction with a local vendor.
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Of course, they plan to bring Popeye to other things, but bread? Sure, there are already two different Popeye spinaches, but “Popeye” and “bread” don’t really come together in my mind.

Since when do cartoon characters have to come together in a logical manner? Scooby-Doo and various Disney characters can be found in little bite sized fruit chewies. The X-Men made an appearance in canned pasta. Jurassic Park dinosaurs made their way into cheese crackers.

Basically they just want their products to be associated with something people recognize. I don’t know many kids that like Popeye these days but I suppose adults are the ones actually doing all the buying.


You’ve got a point.

King Features says they chose bread because it’s a simple product everyone buys. They’re right, you know. I’m surprised Disney never thought of a Mickey Mouse Bread long ago.

They probably have, but tend to limit that to around the resorts. Just off the top of my head (since I haven’t been to a theme park in oh, 24 hours), I can think of several Mickey-themed products you can purchase:

  • Mickey pasta (pasta in the shape of Mickey faces)
  • Mickey gummies**
  • Mickey Museli

And you can get waffle irons that will produce the said icon, as well as toast presses [(looks like a cookie cutter - press it into the bread and it will produce an image (Mickey face is untoasted, rest of bread is browned)].
** the gummy bears chewey stuff in the shape of Mickey heads - I like to bite off one ear and annouce “Look! Mickey van Gogh!”

The cook at my favorite watering hole wore a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt last week. The shirt had just 'bob’s eyes and mouth, enlarged to fill the shirt. In the store, I couldn’t see the appeal. On a woman, though, he’s got his eyes in the right place.

Well, Popeye Bread doesn’t make much sense, but Wimpy Hamburger Rolls makes perfect sense, you must admit! I can see my dad buying those.

They make a Disney juice drink now. They also used to make Donald Duck orange juice–perhaps they still do, but I haven’t seen it for a long time.

When I was a kid in Montana, there was a brand of bread (Sweetheart?) that featured Peanuts characters. My mom always bought Roman Meal, though.

Chef Boyardee X-Men… I loved those. This was the only food I ever really played with. I seriously played games with the little X-Men pasta shapes as if they were action figure toys. Usually the X-Men won, but depending on the villian in the can I was eating, sometimes the bad guy came out on top.

RE: The OP, it doesn’t surprise me. It’s just licensing – a way for both parties to make more money. C’est la vie. Well, c’est la vie de capitalism, anyway.