I'm Sure That This Is a Land Scam of Some sort

I’m just not sure what kind. This site makes the following claims

Anyone have any ideas?

Looks like someone trying to muscle in on Matthew Lesko.

The Homestead Act of about 1865 (or whatever the name of it was. You know the one, it made homesteading possible in big numbers after the Civil War) was repealed in the mid 1970’s. I’ve lived in Wyoming and Nevada for 27 years. Both states are largely government owned. The government isn’t giving away any of it’s land (well. . . . as far as I know - you’d think I’d of heard something about if they were).

The site said mineral rights came with it. That just isn’t likely at all. Most of the land, in Wyoming anyway, has had options on the mineral rights, or the the mineral rights straight out, sold long ago.

I’m thinking this is a $20 fucking.

Just my $.02.

If it isnt an official government web site they are most likely selling you information that you can get at no charge with a little web searching.

I agree. It is also my guess that all is not as they make it seem. Along with staking a claim goes obligations and responsibilities and owning a claim is not the same as owning the land itself. Much of the “information” given on this website is worthless. It focuses on what it is not while not telling you exactly what it is.

I wouldn’t pay $20 for the missing information.

It sounds like a land lease of sorts even though the site claims it’s not. The site below essentially says it’s a mining claim.

Someone who ordered the packet says

Speaking of which, this info is apparently free.