Is this unclaimed property site legit?

I recently received a message in the mail saying that there was unclaimed pro pert I had left over from another state. They were happy to get me mpney for a 20% fee. Of course, since it theoretically was my money, I figured I shouldn’t pat any fee at all. Afeter poking around, I found this site. It looks like it has the same things my mail suggested.

Is it real? I can’t imagine that my former employer forgot to pay me. I don’t have any idea about the other one.

Looks legit to me, since all it does is link to the unclaimed property department of whichever state you click on, at least for the few random ones I clicked on. Is the site it links you to a .gov website?

No, it’s linking to a .us site.

The mail could have been fake, or just someone who did the search themselves and profits off that stuff. The website does look legit.

That said, there’s another site that’s been mentioned in a thread around here that actually has Dopers who have used it successfully. You might want to check and see if the same unclaimed property shows up there (assuming it covers your state.)

ETA: They could be the same site, or a phishing attempt. I’d use instead.

They’re the same site: This PDF proves it, as it’s on recommending that you use

Similar happened to me in grad school. I got a letter from a lawyer (I think a lawyer) that said that they could recover money for me. For a fee, of course. I did some digging, and I had not gotten one of my paychecks for my grad assistant position. I didn’t need the lawyer guy, though, I could just go through the state web site and request a new check.