I'm the Chief Crybaby? Why didn't somebody tell me?

In this thread, Fonz told me:

If some dimwit like Fonz knows you guys elected me Chief Crybaby, then everybody knows…but when were you gonna tell me? How am I supposed to discharge my duties as Chief Crybaby, and coordinate the activities of the Deputy Crybabies, if nobody bothers to inform me? Two weeks…dammit, we’ve missed all sorts of opportunities for crybabying!

C’mon, people, get your shit together.

Chief Crybaby

How’sit goin, Chief?

Oooh, oooh, oooh! Can I be a deputy Crybaby? Please!!!

Hey ! No fair, evilbeth always gets to be the deputy crybaby ! It’s my turn ! Besides I can hold my breath till I turn purple while kicking my feet.

::pulls Ayesha’s ponytails::

No, I’m the crybaby! Me, me, me, me, me! You’re just being mean, Chief!


I replied first. I want to be the Assistant to the Chief Crybaby. If I can’t be the assistant, I’ll…I’ll… well…, I’ll do something.

OUCH ! Stop pulling my hair ! MysterEcccccccccks, evil’s pulling my hair !

Truce, let’s team up and get rid of Commander Fortune , he’s horning in on our job !

mmeeeeeee?!?!?!? I’m a sheeeeeeee.

Oops, sorry about that Commander, it’s hard to tell the players without a program sometimes.

OK evilbeth, let’s gang up on Her !

MysterEcks, Ayesha’s being mean to me.

<hands MysterEcks a tissue and a lollipop>

There, there now. It’s okay.

I hate it when babies cry; I have to pick them up and carry them until they stop. And since I can’t be there to pick up all you cryin’ crybabies, I’ll just have to send hugs and kisses.

-----:stuck_out_tongue: x o x o x

[MysterEcks, I don’t know what the Fonz is talking about. This is something I never noticed.]


You’re ALL the biggest bunch of lazy assed, good for nothing, candy coated so you melt in your mouth not in your hand, DOS loving, Quantun Leap cancelling, daisy chain participating, suck-up crybabies the known universe and three of its parallels have ever seen. My eyes are bleeding just reading this thread. Get back in your holes, the all of you alls!

I give it a 10+ for an excellent flame. I hope your eyes feel better soon. Tee hee.


I’ll give you something to cry about if you like to cry so much. You better straighten up and fly right, young man/woman as the case may be.


I’ll slap you all silly, bunch of friggin’ crybabies!

Hey SirEcks,

If you are The Crybaby, then that means you must be married to Nikki Cox.
So it’s not all bad. Far from it, in fact.

[/reference to Ms Cox’s sitcom]

MysterEcks, Zette is scaring me ! Waaaaaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaa
sh sh she sa sa said she wa wa was go go gonna slap us al al allllll .

(Ha, top that you crybaby wanna bes !)

::Zette slaps Ayesha like the Three Stooges::

Stop crying, or I’ll GIVE you something to cry about!!

::grumbling:: Damn kids, anyway…

MysterEcks -
Yeah, sorry I got here so late, but I’ve been detained for the last couple days. Anyway, Ed Zotti sent me this email and I was supposed to inform you that you are now the chief crybaby for these boards. Sorry about that, I’ll ge the message to you a little faster next time.

Here’s the email:

Mr. Frog,

In light of MysterEcks behavior the past few days on these boards, all the administratoes and the moderators have had a meeting. In this meeting we’ve decided that it would be appropriate to deem MysterEcks the Chief Crybaby of the SDMB. We trust he will not abuse his power as the Chief Crybaby and may hold the title until he resigns his position. We have empowered you, Crunchy Frog, to pass this information on to MysterEcks, since yours was the name we pulled out the hat.

Hugs and Kisses,
Ed Zotti