I'm the Chief Crybaby? Why didn't somebody tell me?

Ayesha, stop whining, or I’ll have to give you a spanking.

Hey! My title is not up for grabs yet!

I’m still trying to figure out why this is a BAD thing.

::raises hand in threatening manner::

[Moe Stooge Voice]

“Why I oughta…”

[/Moe Stooge Voice]

::stops car and spanks all involved::

::spanks Ayesha twice just because she likes it::

Okay, THAT’S IT!!

I’m turning this board around RIGHT NOW, and there’s No DISNEY WORLD for ANY of ya! So there! Still wanna cry? Huh? Is THAT what you want?

<Moderator walks in, sees Jester trying to turn message board around>

Er…Well…see…they were…uhmmm

<breaks down>

Th…th…the mmmessage board wuz makin FUN OF ME!!

WooHoo two spankings and a slap ! What more could a girl ask for ? ::running away::

Well, to tell you the truth, sir, we all VOTED you **TuffTerminatin’Chief MAKE 'EM Cry, baby ** Fonz, didn’t even show up for the quorum, so couldn’t vote anyway. :wink:

Ayesha and CommanderFortune, who had dibs on the seat?? You KNOW that’s the ONLY way to solve the window dilemma!!

Commander, evilbeth, and Ayesha: There are plenty of Deputy Crybaby positions to go around–I need lots of help. The only question is who will be Assistant Chief Crybaby.

andygirl: A lollipop? But I want a milkshake! You never let me have what I want! Never never never!

Spider Woman: But I wanna be picked up and carried! WAAAAA!!!

Enderw23: Ender is a meanie! Ender is a meanie!

LouisB: You great big poopy-head!

Zette: But I didn’t doanything! They mademe!

2sense: Hey, nothing is *all**bad.

Crunchy Frog: When I get organized after this ridiculous delay, me and my Crybabies are gonna hunt you down and snivel all over you!

SPOOFE: You’re gonna spank my friend? Waaaaa!.

Anthracite: Are you suggesting that Fonz would say something that wasn’t true? How could you thinksuch a thing?

Hamadryad: How does the mind of the Fonz work? Only his proctologist knows for sure.

Zenster: It’s not my fault! I didn’t do it! She did it!

Jester: Take me to Disney World! Or I’ll hold my breath 'til I turn bue, and it’ll be all your fault!

Anti: That’s why I have you handling my PR.

I wanna be Assisitant Chief Crybaby!

You never let me do what I want!

Everyone’s always making me do stuff I don’t wanna do!

You’re just picking on me!

No one likes me!

You probably won’t even respond to this thread now just because I did!

I am so mistreated.

Everyone is so mean to me!


evilbeth said:

You’re crying at me? WAAAAAAAA!

Threads like this are why I enjoy visiting this board. I love this place.

All these “WAAAAA”'s give me flashbacks of JohnJohn. Knock it the fuck off, will ya??


:::holding my breath:::

:::still holding my breath:::


Hey! Didn’t anyone notice me? I coulda died!

Now, be nice to me or I’ll hold my breath again!

You’re going to make the rest of the Novascotians envious with your new title, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it! :smiley:

I’ll be the one weeping if you don’t stop hitting on my favorite ladies, in your birthday thread:

“The big round tears
Coursed one another
down his innocent nose
In piteous chase”
–As You Like It, Act 2, Scene i :frowning:

Or maybe I won’t:

“You think I’ll weep
No, I’ll not weep:
I have full cause of weeping;
but this heart
Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws,
Or ere I’ll weep”
–King Lear, Act 2, Scene iv :mad:

Maybe I’ll just kill you instead. :wink:

Cry, Baby Cry! Like A Bird Up In The Sky.

DRY said:

A death threat? WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

(Hey Coldfire: :p)