I'm the KING of chick flicks!

Well, not really, but I KNEW suffering through all of those vid rentals with my wife and daughters would come to use at some point.

Let’s see how many guys (or wimmenfolk) can beat my score of 19420 at chick flicks trivia!

I would play but the site says it only supports IE6 or higher… and I don’t use IE at all.

IE - the search engine of chick flick royalty!

26,500! And I got two wrong.

I also bought “Some Kind of Wonderful” AND “A Good Year” at WalMart last night.

6920 points. Sucks to be me.:frowning:

I started out quite well on the first three or four questions. Then struggled through the rest of round one. I quit after getting the first three or four questions wrong in round two.

19380 - just short of your score.

48080…you didn’t bet it all at the end, did you

I got one wrong about the Devil Wears Prada

I bet it all but I had gotten that one wrong, and another, and didn’t have as much to bet!

37,300 - had the first question wrong in each round. Had to guess 3 other times and got it right.

  1. (I only wagered 10 on the final jeopardy question, and got it wrong)

I don’t think there was a single one that I was actually sure of the answer. And just by guessing I did worse than one would expect statistically (getting 25% of them right).

46,140. Yes, I loves me some really girly chick flicks. I’m a big, tall man who is described by his wife to strangers as “scary looking”, but I love a wide range of films and that includes films widely disparaged by lesser men. Hell, I was shocked that some of my favorite chick flicks were unrepresented, like “Grace of my Heart”, where the lead gets her heart broken by Eric Stolz, Bruce Davidson and Matt Dillion.


45,480. I missed three.

I’m guessing you got the Mr. Darcy question. :wink:

18,860, quite respectable given that I’m much more of a scifi, comedy, and horror type person.

Of course, that can help too - having been reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies not ten minutes ago, I was primed for the Darcy question as well!

I got 21, 740. I got a question wrong about The Notebook. Also, who in their right mind would call Casablanca a chick flick?

I got 1380. Also, apparently, The Princess Bride is a chick flick.

27,720. It’s weird; I’m not in the least interested in chick flicks, but apparently know quite a lot about them.

  1. I had to guess most of them.