I'm the KING of chick flicks!

Sound of Music is a chick flick?

Let’s have some genders here, folks, so I can know whether I am relinquishing my crown to a queen (or a girly-man like pravnik!)
I’m surprised to see such high scores - didn’t think I missed that many questions.
Yeah, I was surprised at the incusion of some of those flicks - as well as the omission of so many flicks I have been subjected to - I mean enjoyed - over the years.
There was a noted absence of teen chick flicks along the lines of Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, etc. - perhaps my fave sub of the genre.

Fifty-six year old female here, and more a fan of movies in general, not chick flicks,

7000, and that was after I wagered 3000 of my 4000 pts and got it right. You guys are chick flick monsters, all of you.

I got all of the first round right. The second round I missed a ton of questions, but I bet it all and got the last question right.

Female, 50, and a big fan of chick flicks.

(Aside: I told my 86-yr-old Dad that he liked chick flicks - which he does - and he thought I meant porn! :smiley: )

Sixteen thousand and change (I didn’t make a note of my score), and that was after wagering the whole kit and kaboodle on the last question. Missed three or four questions altogether.

Compared to some of you at least, I must be a real tomboy.

Site’s blocked for me at work. A fact that I’m not to sad about.

2,680. Guessed on nearly all of them. Got hosed on one for being too slow.

37,720. I only got one wrong, so go me! I’m a girl, BTW.

42k and something. I hadn’t even heard of a couple of those films.

I use FF, and it worked for me.

  1. Um … I think this one of those where I’m glad to have gotten a pitifully low score. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised at my own score, I hadn’t even seen about half of the movies. :slight_smile: I missed the thing about wagering your score, too.

Gender: girly-man, as noted.