I'm thinking about getting licensed to teach foreign languages high school. Advice?

I’m thinking about going to grad school, probably starting this spring, to get a master’s degree in teaching and a license. The program would take about two years, plus a little more, cause I need more training in my proposed subject areas.

I’m hoping to get certified to teach Spanish, and maybe an additional warrant to teach Latin. My B.A. was in Spanish and philosophy, but I need more Spanish practice, and a lot more latin.

Last year, I spent a year teaching English in China, so I have some experience teaching. Overall it was a very positive experience, although I don’t think it would be very similar to teaching in America.

The pros, as I see them:

Obviously, I like teaching, it feels good. I like kids, I have a soft spot for troublemakers and rebels, since I was like that in high school. I may have been spoiled by my time in China though, I’m never gonna get that kind of reverence in an Amerian classroom.

I’m under the impression that it should be easy to get a job, pretty much anywhere I want to go, even outside of the US. (a master’s in teaching, in any subject would open up a lot of ESL jobs around the world, I’ve checked).

The program is not that expensive, 1 year tuition at the University of Virginia is only about $6,000, plus they offer some limited need and merit based scholarships (I have a pretty good GPA and really high GRE’s, plus experience teaching, so I’m hoping I might get some aid besides loans).

It would allow me to continue studying language and greco/roman history and philsophy a little bit, which is a long term interest I’d like to pursue.

It is very easy for me to live frugally, I’ve found. I don’t need a lot of money. To me the starting salary for teachers sounds like enough to live on comfortably and even travel during the summers.

The negatives:

I’m not sure I want to teach long term. I can see myself deciding I don’t want to do it for more than 3-5 years, and the job skills aren’t all that transportable. A master’s in education isn’t exactly a prestigious degree, it won’t help me get any other jobs, I don’t think.

I have some familiarity with education programs in college, and from what I’ve seen, a lot of it seems like mindless busywork, and politically correct bullshit.

I’m just not that good at Spanish, I might need remedial help. I’m conversant, and have spent time traveling in Spanish speaking areas, I have no problem with that. I can even have somewhat deep, meaningful conversations. But there are lots and lots of words and phrases I just don’t know, and I would feel like a phony if I were teaching HS and didn’t know how to say something simple but not completely pedestrian, if it came up in class.

Well, what do you all think? I’d love to hear from any teachers, especially language teachers. Also, anyone who has recently been through the licensure process, at either graduate or undergraduate level, let me know what its like, I’d love to hear about what I’m getting myself into!

Er, obviously I meant to write “getting licensed to teach foreign languages in high school”.

And slightly less obviously, I’m bumping my message, cause, well, I’m really hoping for advice, and I figure Sunday morning is a much better time to solicit advice from teachers than late Friday night when I first posted.