I'm thinking of getting a new laptop.

My needs are fairly simple. I want something that’ll serve as a portable dvd player, and be able to play blu ray discs. A large, high quality screen would be nice. With that in mind, I have been offered a second-hand Acer Aspire 8920G for £500, and I was hoping you Doper’s could tell me if my money would be better spent elsewhere?

I know nothing about the one you are buying, but in the last week I bought an Asus M60J.

I am very happy with it- detailshere.

I am not sure what you could pick it up for in the UK. I tried to do a price comparison but te store I bought the Asus from doesn’t have your model.

At this point blue ray is typically an option on the mid-upper tier notebooks as this requires both a BR drive and sufficent graphics horsepower to do smooth full HD video. If you drop BR you can start at around 500. If you insist on blue ray you're generally starting around 900 and up.