I'm tired of being a raccoon: recommend a non-smudging eyeliner.

I’ve used Physician’s Formula (the pencil kind) without a problem until I recently moved to the East Coast. Now, I have huge grey smears under my eyes after a mere two hours. I’ve tried Maybelline Great Wear and Revlon Color Stay, with the same result.

Has anyone found a brand of pencil eyeliner that won’t smudge?


Too Faced Lava Gloss doesn’t smudge, great for a smoky look.

Eyeliner is the devil’s playground… just teasin’! I don’t wear it, don’t need it. I guess the change of humidity or something is causing this? Have you thought about the permanent make-up idea? I know a lady who did her eyeliner that way and it looked very good.

Color Stay is what I use and it works great for me… wish I could help.

Believe it or not, I’ve had very good luck with Avon’s pencil eyeliner. I have no idea what it is called anymore, but you might check it out.

On the other hand, I have good luck with Revlon’s Colorstay, too, so YMMV.

My most recent GF uses a Henna treatment…Just trying to up my posts, sorry…

I found Rimmels liquid liner not to smudge as well as MAC’s cake liner that you apply with a brush. Sephora’s own eyeliner in black I found to be the most comfortable creamy liner.

A henna treatment as an eyeliner?! What on earth?!

Oh shoot. He’s been banned. Now I’ll never know. disappointed

To keep eyeliner from smudging, immediately after applying it dust a thick coating of loose powder over it with your finger. Then brush away the excess with a blush brush or something similar.

I am a former racoon, the daughter of a racoon, whose eyeliner smudges while I’m still applying it, and I swear by this method. :wink:

WOW!! Jean Grey, you have changed my life–that works! Thanks to everyone else who made suggestions. :slight_smile:

Also, before you powder, use a Q-tip to gently remove the excess liner so it can’t “melt” and run later on. I use a big blush type brush to apply the powder while gently exhaling.

Liquid eyeliner doesn’t run. It takes a few practices to be able to do it well, but it’s great once you get the hang of it.