Ladies who wear makeup: give me eyeliner suggestions

I was hoping someone here might have a solution for my problem. I have tried dozens of eyeliners that are supposed to be waterproof or smudgeproof and no matter what, after a few hours, I have smudges under my eyes.

Anyone have a product recommendation?

I generally only wear eyeliner on my upper lash line, so I haven’t had a problem with undereye smudging. But I used to have a problem with my eyeliner fading, because my entire face is a big oil slick. I found that gel eyeliners seem to have more staying power for me, so they may help prevent smudges for you. Both the MAC and Bobbi Brown gels have worked well for me so far.

Another possibility - do you put a lot of moisturizer around your eye area? If so, maybe try using less or blotting it a bit (and then applying some powder) before applying the liner.

I’ve been having great luck with getting a palette from Sephora and using the dark gray/black as eyeliner. It isn’t as dark or as pronounced as regular liner, but it certainly doesn’t smudge.

I do moisturize there but I make sure it is absorbed before I put on my makeup AND I use loose powder under my eyes.

I am currently trying a gel liner that is supposed to be waterproof. Waterproof maybe. Sweat proof not so much.

I also only use it on my upper lids but it still meanders under my eyes.

Oooh, good thread. Mind if tack on an additional question?

I’ve been trying “tightlining” where you line the waterline (basically) on your upper lid. If you haven’t tried it, do. It makes your eyes look so much prettier, and your lashes look full, but it’s all very subtle and natural seeming. It’s one of those “people won’t know what you did, but they’ll know you look better” things. BUT! After a little while the eyeliner migrates, well, pretty much everywhere. In my eyes, in my corners, underneath; just everywhere.

Does anyone (calling Diosa!) have a specific brand or style of eyeliner that works better for this? I love the look, but not after a couple hours.

I’ve been fighting this battle also. It’s frustrating to keep buying unusable eyeliner. (According to my neighbor, Walgreen’s allows you to return used makeup, but I haven’t verified this.)

So far the most smudge-proof eyeliner I’ve found is Urban Decay’s liquid. It’s available at Sephora. I use it only on the upper lid. It dissolves from the inner corner of my eyelid instantly, but a line extended from the outer eyelid stays on all day, which no other eyeliner has done.

I’ve also started putting eye shadow on after the eyeliner, instead of before, which seems to help a bit.

Some years ago–okay, decades ago–I considered getting eyeliner tattooed on my eyes. I wish to god I had. It would have saved untold minutes as I have put some on every morning since then, only to cry it off, usually before I even get to my office. (I am not weepy but my eyes are–wind, cold, too much sun, street grit. There’s always something that makes me blink.)

I am currently using L’oreal liquid liner, which has a nice brush. The brush is the main thing. When the brush gives out with this one it’s time for new eyeliner anyway. But I have also used an artist’s brush, which lasts longer and does a finer line.

Have heard good things about Sephora; haven’t used it myself.

Do you use a shadow primer? I LOVE Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. It works for the eyeshadow, but also for the liner. And stick a bit in your brows to set that as well. It works CRAZY good. I’ve fallen asleep in my makeup (so bad, I know!) and woken up with it still flawless. And I’m someone who swore for YEARS my eyes were too greasy to wear any type of liner because it smeared everywhere. It’s amazing stuff.

I like Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner. I’ve heard that gel and liquid liners are less likely to smudge, but I prefer the softer look of pencil liners, and the Revlon liner is a twist-up pencil that doesn’t need to be sharpened.

When I put eyeliner directly on my skin, within a few hours, it would smudge and get caught in the crease and end up on my lower lid. I found that if I put foundation on my lid, it would act like a primer and keep the liner from smudging. And for some reason, even though I don’t put liner on my lower lid, putting foundation under my eyes keeps the liner on my upper lid from smudging onto the lower one.

I have very oily skin, though, so I think a little smudging is inevitable by the end of the day. At least the foundation keeps it from fading away too quickly.

I am also using the Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner - I like it. Mine does smudge a little (oily skin) but not nearly as badly as most other pencils do. I like the softer line that a pencil gives me; I find liquids to be too harsh of a line for me. And the dial-up dealie is nice because when I travel I don’t have to worry about forgetting a sharpener.

I love this brand as well. Unless I directly rub my eyes, it stays on for a good while.

I’ve had great results with NYX’s Slide-on Pencil (best pencil liner I’ve ever used – super soft but wears for 12+ hours without budging) and Sephora’s Doe-Eyed Felt eyeliner (basically a marker you paint your eyes with – also does not budge or smear and wears all day).

I used to use one of MAC’s waterproof eyeliners. Even a day at the waterpark couldn’t make it budge. I think it was called Liquidlast.

<Writes down list of new eyeliners to try>

Thanks, guys.

I have a bottle of Urban Decay primer but I only use it when I do fancy eyeshadow. I never thought to use it for eyeliner! It’s kinda pricey but I will give it a shot. I am so sick of having to touch up every few hours (cause there is no way I am going without eyeliner).

I have often thought of the tattooed eyeliner. The problem is that I am afraid I will want to change it up with colours and the like and that I will be stuck. I wish there was a semi-permanent liner (that lasted a few weeks or month).

The current one I am trying (bought a few days ago) is Maybelline Eystudio Lasting Drama in eggplant. It goes on very smooth but I still get a little bit of raccoon eye after about eight hours (which is better than any other product I have tried thus far.

I moisturize first, then powder the whole face lightly.

Then I go back with smaller pads and carefully reapply powder underneath the eye at the lashline and do the same on the upper lid.

I use a L’oreal pencil in a dark purple or bronze, which creates a nice line. Then I go back over the top and bottom pencil lines with an eyeshadow applicator in a similar or darker color. That sets the lines so that they don’t smudge. Then I apply the rest of the eyeshadow.

My biggest problem is non-waterproof mascara. THAT’S what smudges for me, not the pencil liner. I can’t wear waterproof because it makes my eyes go nuts with itching and watering.

Set it with powder. No, really, it’s that easy. Just line your eyes like normal, then go over it lightly with a matching eyeshadow and an angled brush-- the powder will help set the liner.

Fwiw, I use Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes liner all the time. It started when I went on vacation to Fiji last year and am such a vain bitch that I wanted to be able to wear makeup to the beach. It lasts all day without budging, but goes on smoothly. Love it. And now, I wear it all the time, as my eyes water like crazy from allergies.

But really: if your eyeliner is smudging and migrating, 1: try a better formula (like MUFE) 2: set it with powder. You’ll be amazed what a difference 2 makes.