"I'm too old for this..." What are YOU too old for?

Not that it has to be a matter of chronological age, but many of us reach a point in our lives where we can’t take a certain thing anymore, a particular activity, a kind of practice or habit or routine, or something else.
Some of my friends and I (all 40 or early 40s) have been saying for the past year or so that we’re reaching, or have already reached, the point of not wanting to go to concerts or other activities involving huge milling crowds and the related travel and parking nightmares–not to mention the costs. “I’m too old for this crap,” we say. “I just can’t do it anymore. I used to have the energy and the patience, but I can’t spare much of either these days.”

 Are you "too old for" something?  What could you do without that you used to be able to deal with?  Did you used to put up with something or someone, but now the thought of doing so is intolerable to you?

Relationships that involve pettiness, jealousy, fighting, mind games.

I have a friend that has this boyfriend. He once bought a tire for her car. Now, whenever he gets mad at her, which is often, he will take the tire off and go away with it. “That’s it, I’m taking my tire!” When I think of this, I laugh my ass off. If a man tried to pull that kind of thing with me, I’d shove that tire up his ass and kick him to the curb. I’m too old for that!


That’s hilarious and sad. How old is he?

I’m too old for cereal. I realized it a few weeks ago and it’s just starting to sink in. I thought for a while it might just be Lucky Charms but, even though I haven’t tried another cereal since, I know that’s not true. I’m well on my way to Grape Nuts. :frowning:

We’re all in our 30’s. Now that they’re expecting a baby any day, he’s threatening to take that when he’s mad. :frowning:

I was just thinking today that I used to love cereal, but now I never eat it. It’s not just that I’m a lot more lactose-intolerant than I used to be, I could still eat it with the help of Lactaid pills, but it just doesn’t interest me any more. I guess I’m too old for cereal, too.

My sainted father was flooded out of New Orleans. He’s 75.

I never thought It’d hear him say the words … he’s a tough old bird.

He finally told me, “90, I’m too old for this”.


I’m too old for men my age. Which is why I married a man sixteen years my senior.

I loves me some old farts.

Staying up late… Soon to hit the big 50, this body needs a good night sleep… Oh, and with that early sunrise… comes a nice hot cup of coffee for these old bones…

I’m 24, a pack rat, and in possession of a closet full of clothing that I hardly ever wear. I just can’t get rid of clothes. My one weapon in trying to get rid of some has been asking myself, “I bought this when I was 17. Am I just too old for this shirt/skirt/etc.?” It’s heartbreaking, but it works.

I’m too old (34) for my friends from high school. :frowning:

I’m too old to re-enlist (Not that I’d ever want to put myself through that happy horseshit again).

Not too old to learn math and science, but probably too old to do it for a living.

Too old to chuck it all in and start over with a brand new life somewhere else, even if I wanted to, which I don’t. I’m sure I could do it if I had to, but the thought of going through all that again just fills me with despair, even though I’d probably land on my feet.

40 year old here and I’m really not too old for anything…loud concerts, big city crowds/parking…no problem. The only thing I think I am too old for now is to care what others really think of me. I am way past that now. Bring it on baby.

Climbing. When I was a kid I climbed everything I saw. Now I’m too old for that :frowning:

Closing down bars. I’m amazed that there are people my age (43) and older who go out drinking for hours on end and stay out until 2 a.m. I’m certainly capable of staying up that late, I just can’t think of why I would want to spend it in a bar.

And I spent a lot of years doing that.

A recent Rolling Stone magzine had an interview with the producer Rick Rubin and he said that there was a point when he realized he was often bored at parties and would rather be at home reading or hanging out. I think I’ve reached that point.

I just need someone to hang out with.

But I’m also too old to spend time with women I’m not greatly attracted to and too old for all the hassles of one-night stands.


I’m too old to stand in line to get in anywhere (bar, restaurant, cockfight, etc) and way too old to pay a cover charge.
You want me to pay for the privilege of coming into your establishment?
As if!

I’m too old for that (I’m 35, BTW).

I’m 35 and still enjoy many of the things listed so far, waiting in lines or dealing with crowds isn’t a big deal as long as I’m with friends. With everyone’s busy lifestyles, we look at that as a ‘free’ opportunity to hang out with each other.

I’m single and have pretty much decided I’m too old to teach anyone the ropes. It amazes me that there are guys my age that still don’t understand relationship basics, or possibly worse, the ones who’re completely incompetent in bed. What have they been doing the last coupla decades when the rest of us were growing up and learning all that stuff?

Ten years ago I’d have cared, I’d have optimistically figured we’d grow together and thought tender thoughts about their naive lack of sophistication, now I’m just vaguely pissed off in a sort of false advertising way.

I’m 20. This is my fifth semester living in a dormitory, and with all luck should be my last. I’m too old to share a small room with someone I don’t love.

I’m too old to drive impatiently. There are things that are worthy of my irritation, and traffic is not one of them.

Thirty-four years in a factory wore out my hands. They are now too old to play the guitar or ride a regular bicycle. I’m shopping for a recumbent.

I love this question. It really got me thinking.

I’m too old to devote my life to nurturing others to the point of self-extinction. I’m too old to have more babies, although I’m still fertile.

I’m too old to interest men who are seeking younger babes. I’m too young for many men older than me who resist life and become rigid. I’m too old to continue isolating myself. I’m too young to resign myself to a life without a lover.

I’m not too old to be interesting, curious, and passionate. I’m not too old to become thrilled and absorbed by music. I’m not too old to go weak in the knees when a gorgeous guy smiles at me. I’m not too old to have amazing sex. I’m not too old to take some risks and embrace change. I’m not too old to grow my compassion and try to give back to the world.

brightpenny: That was a very nice post.

I’ve also gotten too old to care what others think or if they’re looking at me–e.g., I would have been mortified, years ago, if someone had seen me outside in my robe and slippers. Now I could not possibly care less. Let 'em look if they want.