I'm totally in love with Barack Obama. He makes me weepy with happiness.

Seriously. I’ve been crazy about him for two years, more, but man… lately I just get choked up with emotion at the very sight of him. He kills me. I’m googly over him like I was googly over David Cassidy when I was a child, but with way more depth.

And not because he’s good-lookin’ and smooth, though that certainly makes a nice icing for his tasty and nutritious cake. It’s because of who he is. He slays me.

the thing that motivated the share was video of him on ABC this morning talking about visiting his grandmother, wanting to give her a kiss and a hug, and then planning to see what chores haven’t been done that he can do for her. Out of any other politician’s mouth it would sound like bullshit. But I believe him and I love him for it.

I’m thrilled to note that I am only one single degree of separation from him, too. Very good friends of mine went to Occidental College and smoked pot with Barry Obama.

Sigh… how amazing to have a crush on the (almost) president.

My cousin worked on the Harvard Law Review with him. And has said that Obama was the most impressive human being he’d met up to that point.

I would just love to see this video, because I’ve never seen anything where he didn’t show himself to be a cut above the rest. This video is a personal favorite of mine. Squee-riffic!

You are not alone.

Alas, I’m already married.

What does it? Two things. Community organizing and Grandma love. My grandma helped raise me too. She is one of the most extraordinarily loving people on the planet. And on top of getting what that’s about, he goes and gets a ridiculously good education and then uses it to do community work.

dreamy sigh

I wouldn’t go so far as to be in love or weepy, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but, during the debates, when Sen. Obama made a good point, I would add outloud; “Plus, you are soooooo goooood looookin’!!!”

I’m trying not to think about him that way until after he gets elected (if we are so fortunate), so that folks won’t think I got all swayed by his sex appeal and stuff. :smiley:

Are all you guys socks for Obama Girl?

How old are you all? :dubious:
I used to think that those who claimed Obama had a messianic following were over the top and ridiculous. Guess not. :eek:
Then again, there is that old saying: Dems fall in love (with their candidate), Reps fall in line…

Enjoy your crushes. Let’s hope he makes it into the WH.

I’m pretty smitten myself and so is my husband. And it looked in that link like he was left-handed…is this the case? Since you’re president of his fan club I thought you might know.

No, man, I’m way cuter than that chick!

OK, maybe not really…

Yes, both McCain and Obama are left handed. Lefties seem to predominate the Presidency. No link, but I read it here (somewhere).

No messianic following from this poster, just being mundane and pointless since it’s Friday…:cool:

Have a great weekend!

Is there a certain age where it’s no longer acceptable to have crushes?

I don’t think political candidates should be exempt from crushes. Obviously my decision to vote for him is based on his political stance and has nothing to do with his appearance. His devilish charm is only icing on the sexy, sexy ballot!


My destiny is certain, then.

Um…would you be running on the pro-cephlapod ticket?

Having met you, I can honestly say you are, indeed, way cuter than that chick, who’s just kind of skanky, not really cute at all.

For your (our) drooling pleasure.


By the way, if you want to see what Barack Obama looks like when he’s doing chores around this house, this video will make you positively swoony.

This kind of divisive partisanship will not stand. The time has come for cephlapods and gastropods to… um… slide… um… tentacle in tentacle. Are we not after all members of the mollusk phylum? The time has come to focus on our shared values, not what separates us.

Have you see the Yes We Can (Hold Babies) blog? It’ll make you love him even more, assuming you like babies. He looks so happy, and not like he’s just holding the kids as part of the shaking hands kissing babies routine.

Yes. Somewhat paradoxically, it’s 18.

golf clap

See, that’s the kind of rhetoric that we need in this country.