I'm trying to find a game online

Help me out here fellow time wasters. There’s a Japanese game in which you toss a person along a line of other people (side scroller) and bounce. If you hit the mouse at the right time the person in the air gets additional pushes and gains energy. There are also power boosters and penalties that either extend the length of play or end it. Can anybody direct me to that game? I used to have a link to it but lost it and can’t remember the name.


Nanaca Crash – that it?

That’s it. Thanks.

:frowning: All I get is some japanese words, then ‘flash player’ then more japanese words.

In front of a crying anime girl.

I have flash.

Random guess: You might need to update your Flash plug-in. Or allow it if you’re using a flashblocker.

I had that problem too, but then I went to this mirror site and it worked fine.

Odd – the original linky works OK for me, and I even got a score of 2169.78m.

I actually installed flash to play this game. I have the version that was available at around 10:55pm (GMT) on the 6th of November 2008.
Has there been an update since then?*
photofapat’s mirror link works for me :slight_smile:

[sub](*joking. Being facesious for the fun of it)[/sub]

It says: 最新のFlash Playerが必要です。 Or, in roman characters, “Saishin no Flash Player ga hitsuyou desu.” Like lizardling predicted, it means you need the latest flash player. (Which is weird, b/c I thought I had that and it won’t work for me either. I just reinstalled too.)

I know. I thought I had the most recent version too. Are you using a Mac? I am and maybe there’s some platform issue.

It is a pretty addictive game, isn’t it?

Very odd…the regular site was working for me last night, but when I went to play today, I got the ‘flash player’ message…

Maybe the flash file on the first site was programmed for an earlier version of flash. It could be showing the error message because it’s expecting version 7 of the flash player (for example), but we’re trying to play it with version 10.

My best right now is a paltry 1439.44, but I don’t understand how the Aerial and Special work. Could someone explain those to me?

Actually, if someone could explain the Characters as well, that would be great. For that matter, I may not even understand the basic About screen, though it seems pretty straightforward.

My best is 5km. >_>

Aerials are pretty simply - hit the mouse when the word is coloured red, and the bike girl appears and knocks you up into the air again…hit it when it’s blue, and she shows up and knocks you toward the ground.

Red is good for avoiding the boys, or the block and stopper girls, or just for getting some extra distance.

Blue is good for knocking you into a Boost if you’re going to miss it - it’s hard to time it, though.

Special is…also pretty simple. When you hit one of the girls when her portrait’s in the ‘Special’ box, you’re prompted to click the mouse again. If you can do so in time, you get a bonus to her boost - or, in the case of the stopper girl, the ‘stop’ gets turned into a pretty hefty boost (when they other girls rush over and break up your clinging to her).

As to the characters…try to avoid the boys, and the blocker girl (the one with the purple border around her portrait when it’s pointing to her), at all costs and the stopper girl (glasses, green border) unless she’s in the Special box. Hitting any of the other girls is a good thing.