Another game for those of us bored at work...

Turn yer speakers up, turn your flash blockers off, and kick off…

My best score (I don’t know why I bother, since someone will invariably humiliate me at this) is currently 1194.63m.
Important note: HOLD-down the mouse button before releasing.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

very weird game.

Just did 1919.61

I would probably do better at this game if I knew what the holy hell was going on. I just got 519 (which seemed to take forever) and all I did was click the mouse.

Clicked the mouse again and got 1429. Can anyone read konji?

  1. Apparently I’m tired enough that big numbers amuse me.

Well I did figure out that you can do a few bonus crash-boosts in midair, if you time the clicking of the mouse right.

And different characters (impacting the crudball guy) will have various effects, like boost, slow, or the bad one (stop).

The Japanese are weird. :wink:

Whoo…I just got 2069.51. Seems to be a lot of luck involved.

Ok…I don’t know how I managed this, but I got 6095.36. I had a couple combos and such, but that’s just ridiculous. Screenshot.

Some skill as well…

You have 3 Aerial counters which can boost you, and when the Special word appears, you have to quickly click it for a combo…


What I’ve learned:

Plot: Female bike messenger, male love interest, nasty revenge story. FBM runs over MLI, sending him flying into the air in a tangled mess. Final outcome varies depending on whom MLI meets on the way. Happy ending (for him, not you) is that he meets His Other Lover.
The above is, of course, pure speculation.
How to play:

When you begin, there is an arrow moving up and down in a 90-degree arc. Click your mouse and HOLD it, and the angle will be chosen.

A power indicator appears at this point. Releasing the button when the ‘thingy’ is full will impart the most power.

At this point, you have chosen the angle and force at/with which the FBM will impact the MLI, launching him into his journey as a mangled mess.

The people standing on the ground are either obstructions or benefits, depending on your viewpoint. Some will slow the MLI down, some will speed him up, some will change his angle of flight, and one (the HOL) will stop his flight completely, rescuing him with a warm hug. Or so I choose to interperet it.

You are scored on distance traveled. Ideally, the MLI will hit many boosting ‘people’ and completely avoid the HOL, eventually coming to a stop several kilometers from the scene of the crime, making it difficult to trace back to the FBM. The perfect crime!

Keapon Laffin mentioned the 3 Aerial counters which can boost the MLI’s flight. These are used when the word Aerial changes from grey to color, which happens when the MLI is in the middle part of the screen… if he’s too low or too high, the ability is temporarily blocked. This means you have to use skill and pay attention to get the best possible boost out of your… uh… boosters.

In fact, there’s a FOURTH Aerial counter… this one regenerates. This one is the blue arrow.

The red one can only be used when the MLI is falling. It gives him a forward boost in an upward direction. The blue one can only be used when the MLI is rising. It gives him a forward boost in a downward direction.

The red ones are limited. You only get three (you may ‘earn’ more perhaps? Have to check on this). However, with enough time spent in midair, the blue booster will count back up, giving you an effectively unlimited number of uses.
In addition, the placement of the people does not appear to be preset. It may be random, or it may vary by initial launch conditions. I haven’t been able to reproduce an exact angle/force combination yet to verify this.

I really need to get out more.

Make that 2519.somethingsomething

Gah! Funny. It’s a lot like the one with the polar bear and the pinguin - that one was better, but this one has definitely expanded on the game aspect of it. And it is anime. And it has appeal to women. I think.

lame game dude

2219.44. Very weird game.


Had MLI bouncing high and fast by using the blue arials (I was already out of red), until HOL showed up…2989.

  1. What’s been working best for me is to go for maximum forward velocity at the initial hit. Let one of the boost girls or the up angle guy give you altitude. This also makes for amusing turns where you smack him into HOL after, like, 10 meters, when she spawns first.

Save the red attacks for when you’re going to land on HOL.

The opening on my high score went boost girl, boost girl, special, boost girl, special. And then I flew for about 1000 meters before I hit the ground again.


Heh, yeah, I’ve found the best initial move is to just smash MLI into the first person he sees. If it’s a boost, weee, you’re off. If it’s not, well, you can always start over.

The best method I’ve found is a nice low-altitude high-speed horizontal flight. Maximizes your chance of making contact with the various people, maximizes the time spent in the tiny window of airspace in which you can use/replenish your Aerials, and of course maximizes the ground you can cover.

And I know y’all won’t believe this, but I can regularly break 5km. My record is right around 8km.

And I reached an altitude of 287.68m once. It was pretty cool.

This is my favourite flash game ever, probably because I’m pretty good at it. :slight_smile:

My best effort can be viewed hyah.


I’ve just tried the link and for some reason the screenshot is tiny, any ideas how to make it bigger? :frowning: