New Game

My best score was only 1869. Be careful it’s addicting.

Oh goody! New ways to waste hours…

I’ll have to give it a try.

Okay. It is addicting. After four minutes, I’m only at 729.


Oh, well, I’ll work it on up.

Evil! Damn you! I missed bed time trying to beat your score
phuggit 1806

1389 on my first game. Lots of close calls. This is fun! I wonder if the course is random or the same every time.

2019 after several tries. Holy shinoli, that mess gets hard when the cave narrows.

Okay, 1479 after a few more tries.

I still feel inadequate…


2199 baby. Took about 6 or 7 tries. It gets really narrow around 2000 or so…

1329, I’ll never get my Euro thesis done now.

I just scored 2109. Dude it gets really narrow. I want to get a better score just to see what happens when it gets so narrow it can’t fit one of the blocks in the passageway. Is there a maximum score? Couldn’t be much higher than 2500.

New high score: 2289

Go me…

Damn, you guys! My new high is a mere 1929.


I’m coming for you, Yo

Psh - 2259 is child’s play. :smiley:
Hmm… I better start another mass-playing spree…



Yo is once again back on top.


Finally broke 2k! 2022!! (OK, so not SDMB champ…yet)

After about 10 tries, and 7 beers (in the last hour and a half), I’m at 1389. Anyone wanna get drunk and match me?

2229, watch yo ass!