I'm turning into a pillow freak!

I started out as a normal two pillow person, but as time as marched on my pillows have increased, to the point that I now have NINE pillows on my bed. Am I a nut, or do others do this as well? (I’ve heard that some insomniacs ‘nest’ with pillows. Maybe that’s why…)

(raises hand)

Why would anybody need more than one pillow (per person)?

It’s people like you who drive up the pillow prices for the rest of us! :slight_smile:

I use three myself. Two for my head (one of which I share with a cat) and one for either under a knee or behind my back for support.

You pillow slut!

I have 3 pillows, all are for my head. I like to keep my head up when I sleep. I don’t know why, it is just a habit I have. Most people say this gives them a sore neck, but it doesn’t bother me.

I, too, am a founding member of Pillow Hawgs Anonymous. I used to be able to get by with the standard two.

Those days are long gone.

I am simply miserable and mean unless there are at least eight, but preferably ten, pillows on my bed now. And there must be at least two, but again, preferably four, king-sized ones underneath the regular sized ones.

All pillowcases must match the one that is next to it.

My gigantic uni-pillow (that my mother bought for me when I was pregnant) must be underneath any king-sized pillows. Atop those must rest the standard sized pillows.

Any other kinds of pillows, such as throw pillows or the cool Wicked Witch of the West one I got for Christmas, must go in front of all the other pillows, and can not be slept on. Or moved from where they are originally put until I move them myself, at bedtime.

No pillows can be on the floor, except for brief moments when changing sheets. I also must have at least one feather pillow. It’s just a law.

No, dear friend. You’re certainly not alone. And welcome to the club.

Hello my name is Callie… and I’m a nut too.

I need four pillows to sleep well. One for my head, one to hug, one against my back and one between my knees. I can get away with having only three but I don’t like it. :slight_smile:

I only have 1 pillow. really its 2, but stuffed into the same pillow case. My pillows need to be firmer than most.

Oh I drool when I sleep, so my pillow is all mottled brown with spit stains. Good thing I dont have a girlfriend, that probably wouldnt go over well.

I have four personal pillows, plus my body pillow, so at all times I am surrounded by either a body, or a pillow. Its a comfort thing for me.
My husband must keep an extra pillow on the floor beside him cause in the middle of the night I might deciede that his pillow looks more comfy than mine, and I must have his as well, but not give up any of the ones I already have.

So theres seven functional pillows.
Plus three decorative pillows that are removed before we go to sleep.

Also in case of a breakout, when the pillow guts burst out after one too many washings, they are banned to the trash, and I go to the closet, where I have two brand new ones just waiting for abuse.

Tempurpaedic pillows are the best. I use extra pillows to support by back as I must sleep on my side. (At least that is what I tell people).

pillows make me happy. i need lots of support for my neck, so i sleep with three, and then i have huggy pillows with memories attatched, so i can fall asleep cuddled up with my childhood :slight_smile:

funny… i don’t use pillows. :eek:

I think there’s like a 12-step program for you people. Not sure if you have to call on the help of a higher power though.

Man, it’s a good thing I don’t use a pillow since both my wife and baby daughter are card carrying members of Pillow Hawgs Anonymous and if I attempted to actually use a pillow it would have been appropriated by dawn.

Three here.

One for under the head, one for on top of the head, and one that rests on top of the covers over my feet. Can go up to four, when the one under the head starts going flat.

Perhaps I’m a Pillow Hawg in training? :smiley:


Oh, so we’re going into detail, too?

OK, here goes:

1 ‘Bodyhug’, for hugging and also goes between the knees
4 under the head (I sleep on my side)
1 behind the knees (hard feather pillow… damn thing’s like a rock)
3 just in various spots around the bed, wherever they feel comfy that night usually 2 join the hug pillow, 1 goes behind the back.