How firm do you like your...

… pillows? And how many do you use?

I have 3, because at times I need to sleep with my upper torso raised a bit. Two are “X-Firm” and the third is so old and mooshed, it’s kinda pathetic. Hubby prefers softer pillows, and he always has one jammed between the bed and his night stand.

On with the pillow talk…

Firm, and just one. I’ve tried having more than one pillow, it’s just too uncomfortable.

Firm. Two to read, one to sleep.

Semi-firm. Two, one to lay my head on, and one to snuggle with (since usually that’s all I’ve got to snuggle with anyways).

I have to have at least 2 pillows, and they need to be of reasonable firmness. To complicate matters, I’m a bedding snob…I don’t like synthetic pillows. Feather pillows (with 100% cotton high thread count shams, of course :D) breathe, foam pillows don’t. I hate when my head gets all sweaty while I’m sleeping. I know that it’s really hard to get firm feather pillows, so I compromise…I get an x-firm foam pillow for the bottom, and then the firmest feather pillow I can find for directly under my head.

Two pillows. One firm and one less so.

I used to go the feather pillow route, but the dog is allergic to feathers. Stupid dog. (It’s the Little Woman’s dog, by the way.)

Not to hijack my own thread, even tho I am, I can’t get over that some people sleep with their pets. Our dogs are not allowed in any of the bedrooms, much less in bed.

And I use neither feathers nor foam - I like the polyester fluff filled kind.

Al Dente, definitely! Oops, looks like I guessed wrong about the thread subject. Sorry.

I like fluffy down pillows, personally. Nice and squishy.

One and squishy. My neck always kills the next morning if the pillow is firm, or there’s more than one of them.

One, soft, and large enough to fold over into a hard small one. Perverse, I know, but that’s what I like.


Profound thoughts are repeated often, clever thoughts are repeated while they are new, banalities pass into oblivion at once. It’s sort of like linguistic entropy.

Firm. One thick one or two thin ones. I like a hard bed too.

O me O my! I could not imagine sleeping without a cat on my bed. My parents had a cat when I was a baby, and they remain my all-time favorite sleeping companions. Two things I absolutely must have to sleep peacefully = a cat in bed and a fan running.

I need a little, thin, soft pillow. Just one. Many times, I find a pillow to be uncomfortable, so I rest my head on my arm instead. Sometimes I don’t even do that. I’m not a big pillow fan. I’m allergic to feather pillows, by the way.

Not firm at all.
But then, I sleep with the pillows at the foot of my bed to keep my feet warm - so the top two considerations in getting pillows is how heavy they are and how generally floppy they are (to conform to my feet). Firm pillows roll off.

I’ve been sleepin’ on a cold, hard floor for the past couple months now–but when I used to have a bed, I liked to have 3 pillows. One soft one under my neck–a firmer one over my eyes (to block out the sunlight), and another soft one under my legs.

Or the tummy of a fine, cuddly man.

i don’t use pillows. i don’t know why… probably because if i roll over off a pillow (which i often do), my head hits the floor (i sleep on the floor) with a nasty bump and interrupts whatever nice dream i’m having.

Three please, two under the head and shoulders so I don’t cough and one to hug or between the knees if my back hurts.

No pets in the bedroom.

Must have a fan on, no matter what time of year.

One medium to firm pillow.

…Nectarines? Semi-firm, just like my pillows.