I'm turning into my mother.

Earlier today I noticed a little bit of schmutz on Whatsit Jr.'s face, so I…

Oh God, the shame.

…I licked my thumb and used my spit to clean off his face.

I mean, what next? Am I going to start automatically peeling the crusts off peanut butter sandwiches? Doing that totally ineffectual “throw my arm in front of the passenger seat when coming to a sudden stop” thing, EVEN THOUGH the carseat is in the back seat? Telling him that I’m the Mom, therefore I know everything?? WHERE DOES IT END?

When he turns 50.

If you’re lucky. :smiley:

it doesn’t.

I don’t even HAVE children [sub]except for Kobii, and she is a cat so some people wouldn’t consider that the same thing at ALL…not that I am one of them[/sub] and I throw my arm over the passenger seat if I stop suddenly.

I also find myself saying things my mom would have said and mothering anyone unfortunate enough to enter my sphere of “influence”. I had to face it some years ago…I AM becoming my mom! Not that that is such a bad thing, as she was universally loved and adored. Actually, I should be LUCKY enough to become my mom, now that I think about it.

Still…it feels wierd.

Now hon, you have the tiniest smooj on your face, let me just remove it for you. :smiley:

The first time I heard myself say, “You look with your eyes, not your hands,” to my daughter, I felt myself age about 10 years.

“No, you’re not done, now please finish your dinner,” is a bad moment, too.

So far, I’ve avoided the finger-lickin’-face-wipin’ bit, but I’ve caught Mrs. Skeezix doing it a couple times. :slight_smile:


I remember giving some some the pull up your socks, we know you can do better talk to someone at work and then afterwards realised that I did it just like my Dad would have.

As my Dad died two years ago it felt kind of weird at first but then I thought that a bit of my Dad was still around. :slight_smile: