I'm visitng Germany (Near Delitzsch) Where to go, what to do?

So I’m vising Germany early March for a couple of weeks. It’s my first time there, and my wife is going to be pretty busy reconnecting with family, so although I’ll probably go sight seeing with them it’s likely that I’ll go out on my own too.

Anyone know much about the area and could maybe suggest places to see and things to do around the area - I believe it’s the eastern middle of Germany.

Well, according to this Wikipedia article, there seems to be ample to to there.

It is in what used to be East Germany and although I did spend a night in Leipzig once (not too far away), I never really heard of this place. Very pretty area.

I would, however, get on a train and head straight to Berlin or Hamburg, but then again, I am more of a city person.

However, no matter where you are in Germany, enjoy the bakeries, the restaurants and the pubs - after a few beers, it doesn’t really matter where the hell you are -you will have a good time!