Must-see places in Central Europe?

I’ll be spending six weeks in Germany this summer on a study abroad program, and I’ll be staying in a small town near Koblenz. I’ll be lucky enough to get three-day weekends throughout my stay, and I plan to take a weekend trip or two. At the end, we’re taking a train to the former DDR and spending a day each in Weimar and Dresden, and two or three days in Berlin.

Where would you savvy travelers recommend I visit for a few days while I’m near Koblenz (places that are relatively close by, and fascinating to boot), and is there any really interesting sights to see in Weimar, Dresden, and Berlin??


Heidelberg - Great ruins.

Berlin - the shopping district, the wall (visit Unter den Linden via the tube to the old East Berlin side)

The Rhine castle section. Boats are great, but car or bus is good too.

Take a daytrip and go to Prague.

It’s worth it. Walk along Karlov Most (Charles Bridge) at night, and spend a day wandering around Old Town Square.

Drink a pivo (beer) on tap for about $.30 and think of me…

Courtroom 4…umm…mumble 11? in Nuremburg is pretty interesting, if they do tours. I saw it, but I’m not sure if it was a special tour for my group, or if it’s a regular thing.

Actually, Nuremburg in general is amazing. The city is beautiful, and the rally grounds are the second most powerful/sickening thing I’ve ever seen (first, of course, is Dachau). Take a trip to Dachau or another camp, too, if you get a chance.