What to do in Nuremberg?

I’ll be there for the first time in a couple of weeks, and will have a day or two free. So what should I see or do? I like science, technology, and transport museums. I’m open to suggestions for restaurants and night spots, too.

I’m not fluent in German, so don’t send me so far out in the sticks that the natives will give me a hard time for my crappy German pronunciation. (Meine Mutter ist in Hannover geboren.)


“IST geboren!” That’s good, already!
I’m a history dork so I’d go on an Albrecht Dürer and print culture pilgrimage (it was a great free Imperial city and an art and printing center in late 15th/ early 16th c-- had some notable exceedingly early eccentric atheist printers and such), and maybe track down sites related to the 3d Reich. Haven’t been there, however.

You could always visit a courtroom to watch a few trials.

The German railway museum is there, which is good for an afternoon. There’s a section on communications/information, too, but that may have been a temporary installation. (I was there about 2.5 years ago.)

My favorite restaurant was in the Pilhofer Gasthaus, on the Konigstrasse about 200 meters from the train station. They have a great dish with five different kinds of meat and one of the waitresses was wicked cute.

And it’s a nice town to just wander around a bit. There’s a nice market square (although you’ve missed the Christmas market, one of the best in Germany). I’d only read about castles and walled cities in books, it was cool to see the real thing.

For a real treat, take the two-hour train ride to Munich and go to the Deutches Museum. It’s kind of a German Smithsonian. Just about anything you could hope to see on science/tech/transport is there. There’s a great section on optics, for example. You could be there from open until closing, easily.