I'm willing to host an Oscar Pool if anyone can find an online place to do so.

I’ve hosted/ran the Oscar pool here for years, using funofficepools.com to host it. For some insane reason, they are not offering an Oscar pool this year.

I’ll put one in and get my picks in quick if anyone can find one. We need:

  1. A place that lets us form “groups” for competition.

  2. A place that ranks us based on our correct picks.

  3. A place that is free. :slight_smile:

Anyone able to help?

I don’t know of a place, but I’ve been waiting for your pool to start. I hope you find a host. :frowning:

Can not find an adequate one. I might put a Gdrive document up, though. No official score keeping, but I might let everyone calculate their own score.

Edit: I can’t believe I can’t find one of these pre-made.

What about this?

Not free.