I'm your Huckleberry

Just picked up a Copy of the special edition of Tombstone and Man do I love that film.
It seemed to try to be accurate with Slang and clothing from the era but I wonder how close to fact was this film?
Anyone know?

And as a second question was Doc Holliday Kilmer’s best character or what?

Does he also say “Who’s your daisy?” in that? Or am I getting things mixed up?

I’ve always wondered what that phrase meant.

Kilmer redefines Holliday. Not to take anything away from Kirk Douglas’ portrayal, but Kilmer’s is one of the best pieces of character acting I’ve ever seen. I admit, I really love this movie, too.
I don’t know anything about the slang and/or clothing from that era, but it would be cool to hear from someone who does.
Sauron; don’t recall hearing him say that, but not sure…

The movie is actually very accurate, although not 100% so, of course. There is no proof that Ringo was killed by Doc Holiday, but he was found dead by a tree. In fact one of the cornier lines is supposedly true, “I still got one good arm to hold you with.”

I LOVE this movie with a white heat passion, I could watch it over and over and over and over and over again. I have a bad habit of saying the lines seconds before they come on, if I am alone it’s ok, but with friends…

“Smell that? Smells like somebody died.”

“Friend? Hell I got lots of freinds”
“I don’t”


The movie is enjoyable to watch, but about as historically accurate as a $.25 watch. For one thing, the Earps and Holiday cornered the Clantons and McLaurys and demanded their surrender. As the Clanton boys were saying “OK, we don’t want trouble” , the Earps opened fire. Virgil, Morgan, Wyatt and Doc were basically thugs with badges IRL.

Well, it’s fairly accurate until the end of the shootout at the OK Corral, but after that it goes really haywire. For one thing, let’s talk accuracy: notice how, in the shootout, the participants are blazing away at each other with everything they’ve got from perhaps 6 feet away, yet hits are rare. This is pretty much the way things really happened. Compare that to the end of the movie, when Wyatt stands in the middle of a river with a pistol in each hand, killing a cowboy on each bank with every shot. HELL no.

The “I’ve still got one arm to hold you,” line is supposedly historically accurate. However, as I recall, the shot that cost Virgil the use of his arm actually occurred some two years after the OK Corral shootout. Anyone know the actual dates?

Oh oh oh oh oh I love this movie SO MUCH. It was the start of my love affair (entirely conducted in the realm of fantasy, of course) with Val Kilmer. One of my favourite actors, by a long shot. I’m one of the few people who thinks that he was a better Batman than Keaton (don’t kill me!) Anyway. Yeah. Best scene is him doing gun tricks with his little silver drinkin’ cup. I gotta go buy this movie now. ::runs off to Amazon.com::

I love it too.

IIRC I think it was supposed to be a quickie (read “rip off”), slapped together to screw Kevin Costner’s more anticipated and $$'er Wyatt Earp, big race to finish get the Earp story out first etc.

I think Tombstone wins by a mile. It really IS enjoyable & very underated IMHO (oops … wrong forum). I’ll try to work in one more acronym.

hre is a link to the sounds of the movie

Establish my bone fides as a Tombstone lover? Here is my party pooper link to The Historical Inaccuracies of Tombstone

The shootout at the OK Corral occured on October 26, 1881.
The ambush shooting of Virgil Earp was two months later, in late December.
The murder of Morgan Earp happened in March 1882.

And, (sorry, Weirddave) being an Earp partisan, I believe the cowboys drew first:p !

It’s this movie that makes you forget that Kilmer was Batman and that Kurt Russell made Escape From L.A.

I’m not sure, but I think it was “You’re a daisy if you do.”

THAT’S it! So what does that mean? Is that a way of saying the guy is a wuss? Or what?

He uses the term Daisy a few times such as
You’re a Daisy if you do
and You’re no Daisy…

Daisy was a short lived slang term meaning something similar to being the best. So when someone threatens to shoot Doc he responds you’d be the best if you do.

Huckleberry, by the way, means being the man for the Job. I’m your Huckleberry, I’m your Man.

MMMMM must be a peach of a hand!

And This new DVD release is a Peach of DVD, the colours and sounds are bold and powerful, I’d like to see more extras but the one it has are decent Including a copy of the Paper from the day after the Shoot out. Any fans of this film should check it out.

Thank you, kingpengvin. I’ve wondered about that for years.

I liked both Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. And in particular, I liked both Val Kilmer and Dennis Quaid as Doc Holliday, which were by far the best Doc Hollidays I’ve seen done. And no, I was never fond of Kirk Douglas’s Doc, although I’ve liked many other roles of his. And the boys did a lot better than Jason Robards too. One thing was that they were young enough to pass for Holliday, who didn’t live to be 40. Dennis Quaid lost a lot of weight for the role and played it really mean. If Costner were a decent actor Wyatt Earp would have been classic. As for Kilmer, the bit with the cup is fantastic, and that’s the actor’s. The screenwriters for both these movies gave Holliday fantastic lines.

“Why you risking your life for him?”
“He’s my friend.”
“Hell, I’ve got lots of friends.”
“I don’t.”

Damn that’s good writing.

Oh Oh Oh. Such a great movie. I didn’t know so many other people dug it too. They sell it everywhere in the actual city of Tombstone. And “I’m your huckleberry” printed on absolutely everything. Boothill is still there too, and you can see the McLaury’s gravesite. Kinda weird.

Kate, you’re not wearing a bustle. How lewd…

You know, Frederick Fucking Chopin.

What is it that Kurt sez to Billy Bob?

“…go ahead, skin that smokewagon…”


Whatever it was, I love that scene.

“…go ahead, draw your weapon.”

you may be the Antichrist.":smiley:
Oh, thank you so much for reminding me of this magnificent performance! We gave our copy of the DVD to my brother-in-law, and we had been satisfied with the video, UNTIL NOW!!
Now I’ve go to go get the DVD tonight so I can see this the way it should be seen again.

but I couldn’t stand Dana Delany-too smirky…

Just make sure you get the Vista Series eddition and not the other one. Just look for the Sepia box and you’re set. The other version was inferior in sound and picture quality, plus there is 4 extra minutes in this version.