I'm your husband, who's your daddy?

Well, in this case it’s the same guy. Woman’s husband, & daddy all in one. Saves on the cost of holiday presents. :smiley:

Note that she discovered this. All those married years she didn’t know that they were related.

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Also, about that woman you killed in a random brawl a few years back…

This kind of case seems like a really good argument for not getting romantically involved with someone if there’s enough of an age difference that one partner could plausibly have offspring the other’s age, especially if the younger partner was an adoptee or did not know the parent of the gender in question.

Is it just me, or is that a really badly written article? I found it hard to figure out what actually happened, the way it jumped about all over the timeline.

Really? I mean, this is bad and all, but you think we should not sleep with older men because they might turn out to be our fathers?

Wow. Of all the things to worry about!

(And yes, I am teasing you.)

Or you shouldn’t sleep with anyone before DNA testing to make sure they’re not your half-sibling, just in case Daddy was playing away from home :stuck_out_tongue:

(ditto) :wink:

Must have been an Electrafying discovery.

I put the blame squarely on the husband/father - as he would be fully aware that there was this chance.

You know in Bollywood movies when parent and child is separated when the child is very very young - it’s appalling how often the parent recognizes their child, fully grown, 25 or 30 years later. SOMETIMES JUST FROM THE VOICE!

I’m not sure what my point is. Maybe: If this had been a Bollywood movie, they’d have known!

From what I could tell from that article, half of Akron knew and didn’t say a thing! :eek:

So she found out from her uncle? I guess that’s better than hearing it from your brother-in-law.

What about the uncle? Or, jeez, gramma, grampa, or the half of Akron that knew.

I’m sort of appalled that apparently there were dozens of people aware of this, yet no one bothered to mention it to her, you know, before she married him.

of all the people directly responsible that should have known better - the FATHER has the most culpability - the others are complicate in not bringing the information out , but ultimately the decision was his.

Where were they at the wedding when the preacher asked “If anyone here knows any reason why these two should not be joined…”?? Then again, from the ages of the parties involved, this marriage took place when such things were not spoken of in polite company, so there ya go.

I’m deeply ashamed of how long I had to think about this before I understood it.


Me too. How did she end up marring her father? I kind of gave up trying to make sense of the article.

“She fights the natural inclination to hate him, because people who hate don’t get into heaven, she says. And if you don’t make it into heaven when the time comes, she notes, you can’t hit the rewind button and try again.”

Honest, I didn’t know! :smiley:

Now I want to tear out my eyes with my mother’s broach.