Im'a roast a turkey today

Going home at lunch, stuff the bird and stick it in the oven, and then head back to work with the second-best post lunch grin you can have. Get home from work, yank the bird, whip up some gravy, taters, dinner rolls & green beans–whole schmear should be on the table about the same time my Frau gets home from work.

Of course, the real treat is the turkey soup that gets started this weekend.

Dibs on the drumstick!

Yum! Wish it was cool enough here to roast a turkey.

Instead of stuffing the bird with bread stuffing, I like to put a cored, quartered apple and various herbs/spices inside the cavity. The turkey ends up nice and juicy and cooks faster. (Bake the stuffing separately in a casserole dish.)

Geez., now I’m hungry and I just finished lunch.

My mom says basting a turkey is a waste of time, but I have never had the nerve to try it. But I always butterfly my turkeys, so it is done in two hours anyway.

Are you a white meat person, or a dark meat person?


It’s true, basting never made no nevermind as far as I’m concerned. I just wrap it in foil like my ma taught me back when I was her little girl (long, sad story that explains far too much). Turkey meat is fine enough, but I’m more about the gravy and cornbread stuffing (a mind-bendingly savory masterpiece my vegetarian children will never learn to fully appreciate–can be made with water or vegetable broth but it’s just not the same).

One more hour to go! Haven’t been this eager to leave work in nearly a week!

Just do us all a favor, okay?

Right before you plunge the carving knife into the turkey, just for old time’s sake, do the line…

Moving over to Cafe Society.

Am I the only one who saw the thread title and thought it was an Italian person telling us about their Halloween costume?

[SIZE=“1”](Back off- I’m 1/4 Italian)[/SIZE]

Damn, Thanksgiving’s early this year!

Was that a full dress rehearsal for the holidays or an early celebration because you’ll be a guest of the federal penal system by then? :wink:

Real answer? The little woman wanted turkey, so I made turkey. I generally do what I’m told, life’s just a lot easier that way.

Wait 'till she finds out you call her, “The little woman”.

My hubby loves turkey, so cook it quite often through the year, just because. Plus, tons of leftovers means throwing meals together is pretty simple for a couple of days! What’s not to love?

But when I first began, to just have turkey in the rotation, he filled the small chest freezer, ‘so we’ll never run out!’ :slight_smile:

I had to instigate the three turkey cap, even if they’re on sale, so there’d still be room for home made spaghetti sauce and chili!