image tiles from dartboard patterns

hey… what can I do with these tiles I made from dartboard patterns… they’re like mirror reflections of bits of the red/yellow/black upon itself… here’s a couple tiles I made… they’d be neat on some fancy floors…

get back to me with some info…




hey… somebody find some tile making factory place to make these and you get half the money for finders fee… something like that… cause I’m doing nothing with it anyways… and this 3rd party post would be evidence proof… howz that? Hop to it… cause I’m too busy working my lousy day job at the book printing place… bye!


I have a friend who rescues Arabesque floor tiles from derelict apartments and makes them into tables, stands, etc. He has a friend who is an ironmonger and who makes the frames for him. I think I have some pictures on my home computer, if you are interested. (BTW, I’m not home now.)

You could make a quilt.