Imagine, if you will...

Probably refers to the fact that only a small minority of people (white male landowners, I believe) were allowed to vote. And, even then, the electoral college was designed to make the vote for President more indirect.

A pathetic thing would to believe that any paticular group of poeple) are despised. America is too big to have universal standards.

Hell, it’s not even useful as a cautionary tale about elections. Try adding this to the piece, and see how often it applies in third-world elections.

I tell ya, fellow Americans (and citizens of other free countries), we really won Geography lotto when we were born here.

Manhattan: Bravo!

Andy Rooney actually did the OP as a bit on 60 minutes last night (him on the phone with his pal Eduardo so you only get half the conversation made it rather funnier). I doubt the OP is the least bit authentic.

“Yes, the Governor of Florida just happens to be his brother. … Yes, Eduardo, their father was president … well, yeah, but just please don’t call it a dynasty. … Oh, Eduardo! What do you mean what did elder Bush do before he was president! You know darn well he was the head of our secret police the CIA but I don’t see what that has to do with anyth… (etc.)”

Funny stuff.

But I saw this exact same post spammed on Usenet, and it was attributed to a politician from another African country. Try and guess which one…come on, guess!

All right, time’s up…he was supposedly from Chad. ::snort::

Anyway, I think we can safely file this one into the total BS category.

Nicely Put, Manny.

Dang… I don’t see anything left to debate. Oh well.

Andy Rooney made it seem a hell of a lot more funny than blessedwolf did.

And BTW- the idea of a ruling class made some people nervous, but only in terms of the Bush family? How ridiculous.

All of these guys, Dem or Republican, went to the same schools, skiied at the same resorts, summered at the same shores. If there is a ruling class, it is those in power in both parties.