Imagine, if you will...

A Zimbabwe politician was quoted as saying that children should study the US election event closely because it shows that election fraud is not only a third world phenomena. To illustrate the point, he made the following comments:


If a Zimbabwean actually said that, I’ll eat my own shorts – and your shorts, too. Unwashed.

It’s obviously from the pen of a disappointed U.S. of A. Democrat. Federalism is not a holdover from colonialism. Those districts are only the most hotly contested because those are the counties where Gore expected to gain the most votes. Yeah, Florida’s governed by Jeb, but WTF? The “butterfly” ballots were designed by Theresa LePore, a Democrat.

Trite and self-righteous.

Hell, maybe it was written by Robert Mugabe.

Pure propaganda, yet it certainly does manage to cast Bush in the worst light I have seen yet. Like all good propaganda, it manages to use innuendo and just enough truth to sound reasonable. I give it a score of 8.5.

If this is truly a democrat being witty, I find it remarkably witty. Makes me want to read Illuminatus! Trilogy all over again. Anyone notice there were 46 lines in the OP’quote? 23 X 2. Where’s the 3 to complete the pentad? Why, three lines outside of the quote.

I smell something, all right… :smiley:

sorry if I didn’t clean it up into nice little paragraphs for you. Now, would you like to read what it says instead of looking at the pretty patterns?

I thought those lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” didn’t look right!

As the Illuminatus! remark hopefully made clear, it sounds like typical conspiracy theory. About a guy who is called “stupid.” So which is it? Is he an idiot that shouldn’t be president or a part on some conspiracy to be president and hence, shouldn’t be president.

For this to be true, even Gore would have needed to be in on it, to be just enough of a jerk to not win enough states for the election to go to him. But Gore’s been a jerk a long time, so I wouldn’t doubt Clinton was a part of it too, and wasn’t he a rhodes scholar?

But of course, I can be more specific and serious if that’s what’s necessary.

But not a vote for Bush, just so there was no clear victory. After all, THAT would have been better. Why contrive a ballot to make gor voters vote for Buchannon when they could mistakenly vote for Bush intead? Now that’s a conspiracy.

What was the Zimbabwean politican’s name? Just curious.

And the loser is the sitting Vice-President of a two-term President.

It’s called a Constitutional Republic. I’m sure the whole of Bill of Rights qualifies as a “colonial holdover.” And WTF is that @#$% about pre-democracy past?


Do you mean all this time all the loser had to do was refuse to concede? That’s it? Just argue and argue?

Yes, please imagine just how STUPID the losing candidates party and supporters were to allow this to happen to themselves in a territory where they called all the shots.

I thought the Christians voted for Bush?

Cite please? I will be requiring affidavits and formal charges as acceptable proof this time.

And this means the only acceptable solution is…
We keep counting until Gore wins and then we stop?

And the loser is also pro-death penalty. And the winner is also known for carrying out the duties that go along with his office, as he knows he is a servant, not a King who will do as he pleases.

And the loser, once again, agrees…?

I’m confused. What am I supposed to be imagining again?

Imagine the loser was being accused of manufacturing votes instead of counting them? Imagine that the candidate being accused of vote fraud had the son of an infamous American politician who is famous for “stealing” a presidentail election in 1960 as his campaign manager.


I think you may be reaching. I have faith that some of us might wonder if there is another side to the story instead of sucking the media version down like lunch. If anyone finds propaganda this obvious to be persuasive, I suggest they abandon the fight against ignorance and realize they are the target.

I have a hard time believing that this is a credible source. This is kinda, you know, out there just a tad. This more democratic rhetoric located in one thread than all other elections threads combined. Yes, even the ones started by Stoidela.

It certainly is good propaganda: it certainly has the piss flowing in the Republicans who’ve read it.

Actually, on my first pass, I didn’t see it as a claim to a conspiracy theory. It sounded more like a cautionary screed about assuming that elections in third world countries aren’t always ‘banana republic’ affairs, even if government is a family matter. Like it or not, this election has the appearance of impropriety on a lot of different levels, irrespective of actual voting irregularities.

Of course, that’s assuming that the Zimbabwean actually turns up. If not, we’ll file it with the emails about “You have a right to try very hard to be a good conservative” and “Bill Clinton plans to fly the flag below the Vietnamese flag on his upcoming trip.”

Yeah that’s what I thought too. I don’t know if there’s a Zimbabwean, but I could see other countries (African, South American) looking at our election that way.

‘Self-declared winner’?

Didn’t the States declare him the winner, where appropriate?

Hansel and betenoir have got it right - this isn’t as much of a conspiracy broadside as a rather illuminating (cough)exercise in viewpoint.

Ocassionally I’ll read about elections and wars in Africa and wonder how much of the story the AP is missing. I’m sure that a foriegn journalist is going to look at problems in Zaire, for example, differently than someone living there. Assuming you’re a member of the ideal/highest is often a classic blunder.

It’s useful to remember that a great deal of the world does not believe that America is the best thing imaginable, and much of that great deal lives in societies most Americians would find hellish, if not at least uncomfortable. Are these folk stupid and ignorant to dislike America as a result? For the most part, I believe no.

I should add that I believe electing the son of a former president smacks of a ruling class. I don’t believe that a ruling class exists at the moment - but the appearance of it is unnerving. Thank God for our indecisiveness.

They went back and forth claiming to have won.

Barton, hear, hear!

Heh, heh, heh. Nice one. Speaking of conspiricies, how about a reverse: according to the Master Plan Bush gets in, sets about making the US into one big Texas - and it’s Hillary in '04 by a landslide!

Freedom2 wrote:

Christians are “that nation’s most despised caste”?

I see someone here hasn’t read Life In Our “Anti-Christian” America yet! :wink:

No, obviously white males are:)

The pathetic part is that some people (maybe even you…I don’t know) actually seem to believe this!