Imagine returing home from work...and finding all your stuff moved around.

If you’ve ever been married you don’t have to imagine it.

Hey I resemble that remark :wink:

Or if you’ve ever left for university then gone home for the weekend.

My friend once gave me the key to his house so I could walk his dog for a weekend. So I copied it, waited for him to go away again months later, then went in and rearranged all his furniture.

To this day, he has no idea who did it.

Heh. Heh heh. Bwahahaha. :smiley:

When I was nearly 13, we moved from the house that I always had lived in to a different house.

I knew we were moving. I saw the new house ( only a few blocks away) I packed my stuff.

What my mom failed to advise me of was exactly when we were moving. ( It could help to mention I was a bit dense at this age.)

So I walk home from school and see the movers there. I walk in all excited about the process of things being moved into a truck and seeing my mom have kittens over the antiques. (That’s a pack-a-lunch event not to be missed.)

And every peice of furniture in the house was not ours.

From the time I left for school at 8am, our entire house - five bedrooms and a basement worthy of the Collyer Brothers, had been removed and an entire new family moved in.

My mom, during her first 17 years of marriage, moved something like 16 or 17 times because of my dad being transferred. She knows how to organize for a move. ( It’s the kitchen table paperwork clutter that is her Bermuda Triangle, to say the least.) I refer to these years ( which I was not on the scene yet) as the Witness Protection Years.

It was a bit unnerving.

My cousin has a similar experience. My aunty and uncle and their other kids had been to see the house several times so they all knew where it was. What they forgot was that one of my cousins had never bothered to see the new house. Ad when his parents told him they would be moving that day while he was in school, it didn’t occur to him that he didn’t know where the new house was.

When school finished my cousin went to his old house, and realised he didn’t know where his parents had moved to! Luckily the neighbours did!