IMAP question

I recently switched my email from POP to IMAP. I frequently read my mail via my web browser from work, and then download it to my home comp (Mac mail application).

What I’d like to do is download old messages onto my hard drive, so that my mail server doesn’t have so many messages on it. That is, archive at home without keeping them online. Some emails I need to keep for long periods of time to track work projects, etc, but I don’t want them clogging up my storage space and making my webmail several hundred messages long.

Any way to do that for, say, mail that’s X amount of days/weeks old? Download to mail app to store until I delete, while clearing server space, which seems not the norm in IMAP. (I’m very new to IMAP, just switched over last month.)


I know that most POP mail applications will let you do that. Eudora, for instance, can be set to delete files from the server after x number of days. This lets you have the mail on your computer and on the net for several days, then delete it from the net once the time limit is reached.

I would assume you could use the same sort of settings with IMAP.

Try this:

Perfect, thanks!