IMDB Challenge - Never been in a turkey

Inspired by this thread, who has never appeared or worked on a low-ranked movie on IMDB?

The idea is to find the person with the highest worst-ranked movie, or at least someone with a no low rankings. To qualify, they must have a minimum of five movies on their list. Finding the longest list with no movie rated below 5 would be another challenge.

As related in another thread, I think Jena Malone might be a good start for this.
Her five worst movies:

(6.10) - Stepmom (1998)
(6.10) - For Love of the Game (1999)
(6.00) - The Ruins (2008)
(5.35) - Container (2006)
(4.99) - Corn (2004)

John Cazale:

  1. The Deer Hunter (8.2)
  2. “The Godfather: A Novel for Television” (9.5)
  3. Dog Day Afternoon (8.2)
  4. The Godfather: Part II (9.0)
  5. The Conversation (8.1)
  6. The Godfather (9.1)
  7. The American Way (9.4)

It pays to die young.

I’ll see your John Cazale, and raise you a James Dean:

  1. East of Eden (8.1)
  2. Giant (7.7)
  3. Rebel Without a Cause (7.9)

(Yes, I know it violates your ‘minimum of 5’ rule…but c’mon…)

Robert Redford has 40 acting credits, here are the bottom 5:

(5.81) - Situation Hopeless… But Not Serious (1965)
(5.74) - Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970)
(5.61) - Up Close & Personal (1996)
(5.61) - Legal Eagles (1986)
(5.30) - Indecent Proposal (1993)

Paul Newman is close but no cigar.

Aha! Vanessa Redgrave with 91 acting credits squeaks in:

(5.72) - Consuming Passions (1988)
(5.66) - Bear Island (1979)
(5.57) - The Riddle (2007)
(5.07) - Good Boy! (2003)
(5.02) - Mother’s Boys (1994)

Nobody’s gonna beat John Cazale on the “minimum of five, no low ranking” thing, though. That’s five pretty good films.

Silent comedian Harold Lloyd has 38 acting credits, and he doesn’t have a single film rated below a 6.

Silent actor Rudolph Valentino has 16 acting credits, 13 of which are rated 7 or above and the lowest being rated a 5.99.

Okay, not exactly no low ratings, but Dakota Fanning is 15 years old and has 32 acting credits with only 3 listed below 5, made when she was under 10.


Well in that case, Lillian Gish had 40 acting credits, and the only 2 listed below a 6 were made when she was over 90 years old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack McBrayer has done pretty good. He’s mainly known for his work in TV series like 30 Rock and Arrested Development, but he’s appeared in five feature films:

(7.50) - Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
(6.80) - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)
(6.68) - Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story (2004)
(6.62) - The Baxter (2005)
(6.50) - Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

Edward Norton:

(6.80) - The Score (2001)
(6.77) - The Incredible Hulk (2008) (VG)
(6.60) - Down in the Valley (2005)
(6.60) - Keeping the Faith (2000)
(6.20) - Death to Smoochy (2002)


The OP’s title immediately reminded me of this clip from Invader Zim

I was the turkey all along, it was meee, I was the turkey!

Emile Hirsch:

(6.90) - Lords of Dogtown (2005)
(6.90) - Alpha Dog (2006)
(6.90) - The Girl Next Door (2004)
(6.70) - The Emperor’s Club (2002)
(6.50) - Speed Racer (2008)

Makes ya wonder who the hell gave Talladega nights and Walk hard such high marks:D

I was thinking there’d be a chance that a lot of older movies would have fairly high ratings and thus give an actor from that time a good shot at a high rank, especially if they become desperate when they got older. Harold Lloyd doesn’t surprise me.

Cary Grant has a rather lengthy 65 movies, with the lowest coming in at 5.57.
Almost as good are the ‘missed it by one’ folks:

Judi Dench:

(6.18) - Dead Cert (1974)
(6.00) - Die Another Day (2002)
(5.80) - Rage (2009/I)
(5.42) - Home on the Range (2004)
(2.57) - Doogal (2006)

Kate Winslet comes close, only one movie below a 5. Her five lowest rated films are:

4.6 - A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
5.3 - Christmas Carol: The Movie (Animated)
5.7 - Holy Smoke
5.8 - Faeries (Animated)
6.0 - All the King’s Men

I’d argue that A Kid in King Arthur’s Court is very cute for what it is, a kid’s film. If you asked the target audience, they’d probably rate it higher. (It’s very adorable and Kate’s love interest is a very pre-Bond Daniel Craig.) I also cannot figure out how her lowest rated film isn’t the appalling “The Life of David Gale” but that’s a whole other thread.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for exactly (I don’t know what “highest worst-ranked movie” means) but:

Keira Knightley’s ratings look pretty good.

As do Orlando Bloom’s.

For your consideration: Zeppo Marx. He has credits in five major movies:

(8.1) Duck Soup (1933) … Lt. Bob Roland 8.1
(7.7) Horse Feathers (1932) … Frank Wagstaff 7.7
(7.6) Monkey Business (1931) … Zeppo 7.6
(7.6) Animal Crackers (1930) … Horatio Jamison 7.6
(7.0) The Cocoanuts (1929) … Jamison 7.0

Unlike his better-known brothers, he was only in the cream of early MB movies and in none of the later stinkers (Groucho, for the heights of greatness he achieved, is knocked out of consideration for Skidoo, among others).

Technically, Zeppo was also in two others, but was uncredited in one and the other was never actually released:

A Kiss in the Dark (1925) (uncredited)
Humor Risk (1921) … Playboy

These were the equivalent of student films and should therefore not impact on his stats.

To qualify my Zeppo Marx post, factor these in as you will:

(No rating provided)A Kiss in the Dark (1925) (uncredited)
(6.5)Humor Risk (1921) … Playboy
John Cazale he was not, but he had a knack for staying out of bad movies and getting into good ones.

I wouldn’t call it a “knack” when he simply coattailed on his brothers’ talent before realizing he was not in their league…

Or that he had a head for business and decided to use it.