Imelda May (Jeff Beck's singer @ the Grammys)

OMG, who knew about this woman? From the moment she opened her mouth singing Mary Ford’s part on Jeff Beck’s tribute to Les Paul I though to myself “Who the hell IS that?” She had it all - stage presence, glamorous good looks, and a unique and exciting voice.

Well, turns out she’s from Dublin, has an excruciatingly kick-ass band of her own, and, like I suspected, will absolutely knock your socks off.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Imelda May…

How High the Moon

Johnny Got A Boom Boom Video’s a little soft but sound is good. (Notice David Gilmour and Jeff Beck at tables up front.)

Big Bad Handsome Man

Walkin’ After Midnight

I stumbled across her (I wish!) music a while ago (but after this Zombie was started) but that was before I had decent internet and couldn’t do The YouTube. I liked the music, but only heard it once in a Blue Moon. :wink: Only once on radio, and sparinly on Sirius.

So, since the wind is blowing about a steady 60 mph outside, I’m stuck indoors for a while, and decide to surf some videos. I love her music, so I figure I gotta go check this out…

I hit Imelda, and see her for the first time! :eek:

Still can’t find my other sock!

A couple months ago she was in Chicago and a local station featured her over the weekend (WXRT as it was an XRT show). Mayhem - the song played - was an instant hit with me and so was the rest of her stuff once I tracked it down. Sadly, by the time I realized I liked her, it was too late for me to plan for the show. Here’s hoping there’ll be a next time.

I have brought her up when discussing Jeff Beck’s Rock n’ Roll Party DVD - the tribute concert to Les Paul. And when Beck honored LP at the Grammy’s.

She is really great.

Sir, you have the gift of Understatment.

I’m a fan.

Fan here, too.


I’m a recent fan as well. I heard her on CBC Radio 2 and I had to go online to look up their playlist and see who that brilliant voice belonged to.

Yeah, she’s great. I saw her live in Limerick once. Great show! She comes across as a great person too.