IMHO If you can't hold the pooh, then stay outta the pool!

A lifeguard recounted to me how she blew the whistle (hah!) on a mother who was with her very young child who happened to be sporting one of those swim diapers.

Kids in diapers are not allowed in the big pool and the mother was told that she would have to keep junior in the kiddy pool. Mom argues a bit, cops an attitude and then with a “Fine, have it your way,” takes the kid out and then returns with him minus the swim diaper and clad only in his bathing suit.

Of course the kid takes a crap in the pool, mother reports to a different lifeguard that darling had an accident, scoops up her belongings and leaves the pool area without showing a hint of remorse. The pool had to be closed down and I told the lifeguard she should have followed the mother out and the club should have revoked her membership.

…I hope she scooped up the poop with her belongings…

Can’t we just all rename it the “poohl” and get along?

…I really don’t think Winnie or Piglet have anything to do with it. Yes, they might play Pooh Sticks, but that has absolutely nothing to do with sticks of poo.

Hey 6Impossible yadda yadd- I am starting to worry about your knowledge of pooping in pools :slight_smile:

Here’s a poll I started a couple of years ago about peeing in the pool:

“Pathetic,” he said. “That’s what it is. Pathetic.”

You seem to not realize how inconsiderate aholes passing for “parents” is all the rage. Welcome to the 21st century.

You’re right; it’s not the parents’ fault for putting kids into a pool who aren’t potty trained; it’s those darn companies. Likewise, it’s not THEIR fault that their babies/toddlers/etc cry and scream in theaters/restaurants/etc etc etc. It’s…uh…someone else’s fault.


Strangely the parents are not being inconsiderate so much as they think their kids is such a precious snowflake that the rules should not apply to their kid. If any other kid poops, pees or even sneezes in the pool, they freak out. When their precious snowflake does it, “it’s only natural”.

It’s the same thing that makes them not get their precious snowflakes their innoculations, as they expect every other parent to do so, they protecting their p*recious snowflakes *while also protecting them for even the imagined dangers of childhood shots.:rolleyes:

When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.
With thanks to A.A. Milne of course…

I never understood the idea of “swim diapers”. What the heck difference does it make if the material covering the body is bathing suit material or diaper material? If a kid pees or poops in either one in the pool, the result is the same.

The purpose of swim diapers is to contain the poop. Unlike bathing suits, they have strong elastic around the leg and waist openings and unlike diapers , they don’t absorb so much water that they weigh ten pounds. That said, even if swim diapers existed when my kids were young, I would have just kept my kids out of actual pools with other people, although I probably would have used them in my kids’ wading pool.

I applaud the OP for taking a brave stand against pooping in the pool. It won’t be a popular one, but it’s a gutsy one.

Well I put my non-potty trained kids in the pool in part because the pool has baby & toddler classes and encourages them to be there. They seem to think, as I do, that the occasional need to deal with an accident is worth getting all those kids comfortable with water and swimming at an early age.

They give people a massive shot of entitlement in the delivery room, don’tcha know.

This also.

Huh - I would have thought that between the normal filtering (which removes all sorts of stuff), and a heavy shock of pool chemicals, the pool would be safe to open in a few hours or a day or so at the longest.

That said, yeah, diarrhea in a pool is nasty, and quite literally dangerous (link to story about an Atlanta-area water park).

Swimming in the hotel pool in Maui is like going to a five-star restaurant and ordering a bologna sandwich. No sympathy.

Between the chemicals and the bodily fluids, I really don’t find public pools appealing at all. I’d rather swim in a lake with all the brain-eating microorganisms.