IMHO If you can't hold the pooh, then stay outta the pool!

So, for the third time in a month, my son’s swimming class had to be cancelled because one of the toddlers in an early class pooped in the pooh. This is in addition to an episode when we were in Maui last year, and we had to vacate the Marriott’s swimming pool for hours while they cleaned up another pooh in the pool “accidents.” It did not make me any happier when the lifeguard told me that if the kid had “only peed” in the pool rather than “pooped,” they would have been fine and wouldn’t have even closed the pool!

Disgusting. I can’t imagine swimming in some kid’s piss. Seriously, people have to stop taking their kids swimming in public pools until they are fully potty trained. It is inconsiderate to everyone else. My son is missing swimming lessons that I have paid for, and it is just plain gross. I suppose that I cannot blame the parents completely because the diaper manufacturing companies make “diapers for swimming,” which is just wrong. I don’t think they really work. So please, stay in your private pool until you are potty trained.

I got bad news for you–it’s not just toddler piss you’re swimming in.

Fortunately, an olympic sized pool has 2.5 million liters, so the 250 mL or so of urine is only 0.00001% of the total volume. Plus, that water is heavily chlorinated, so you don’t need to worry about it when I decide to let 'er rip.

It grosses me out too, but unfortunately most public pools are full of pee. Adults pee in the pool too. There are LOTS of people out there who are too lazy to get out of the pool to go to the toilet.

And whatever you do, don’t get your ‘Christopher Robin’ out and wave it around.

Do you really think you’re safe in a privately owned pool?

I grew up swimming in the Ohio River… so, I’m not too worried about pools, public or otherwise.

Yeah, no P in the ool!

This is a joke thread, right?? PLEASE tell me it’s a joke, or a parody, or something, because if Rhaegar is serious, she is seriously neurotic!!

Someone had to doit

Are there still public swimming pools?

Cicero, have you gone off the deep end…?

Heh. Maybe. I understand public swimming pools at hotels and the like, but do they still have public swimming pools in the suburbs? As in the locals come along for a dip? I haven’t seen one in years- not that I have looked, either.

For pissing in the pools I think it may be a impossible battle as it may be biological. I’m not saying it can’t be trained away, but with many people raises swimming in natural waters (lakes, streams, oceans, town and city reservoirs :eek: ) there is no need not to piss in the water, and usually a steep penalty for getting out of the water to piss (no bathroom, long way to enough concealed cover and it’s illegal to do so - I believe some have even been labeled as sex offenders for this).
Many know of the gag usually done in college, where the hand of a sleeping drunk is put in warm water and that person pisses themself, and many know that the sound of running water usually triggers the urge to piss, some even use that, running the sink, to help them start the flow. I know from scuba diving that when the urge sets in it is very hard to ignore it, almost impossible.

So it’s not standard toilet training, but a special type that is needed, and realistically not everyone needs that level of toilet training.

Here, this may help!

And kanicbird, what the hell are you going on about? A stiff penalty for getting out of the pool to us the bathroom? Sex offence charges? A special level of toilet training?

Are you pissing in my pocket or what?

kanicbird wasn’t talking about a stiff penalty for getting out of the pool to use a toilet. It was about the potential for a stiff penalty for getting out of a non-pool body of water (ocean,lake ,river, etc) to urinate not in a restroom (as there are likely none nearby) but on the shore, and the potential for penalty causing people to urinate in the ocean,lake or river.

Yeah, a little urine is harmless. Mind you, that doesn’t excuse those who are just lazy (well, as kanicbird point out in the wilds it’s likely better to pee in the ocean than get out and use a bush, in fact as long as the body of water is large enough, it’s likely better for the environment)

But feces are very dangerous. Those “swimmer” diapers are a bad idea too.

Parents whose kids go poo need to be banned and pay the full costs of draining and cleaning.

A bus driver talking to my mom shared this ancedote.

A bunch of mentally challenged teenagers was on an excursion to a local pool. One of them had been sick but his parents sent him anyway. You guessed it, massive diahrrea in the pool. There was no way they could pick it out so they had to drain the entire pool.

It kind of irrates me too the number of people that vomit in wave pools too. It seems at least once in a busy day the local amusement park has to close it do to a “guest illness”. And when they open it back up to you really want to go in right away? If you have a queasy stomach, being bounced up and down probably isn’t a good thing.


Do you live in the same country as me?

(quick check)

yes, you do!


FWIW, the majority of the many public pools I’ve frequented in the last 8 years of having small kids in my house, run well-advertised baby, toddler and pre-school swimming classes. So the people who actually run swimming pools seem to think swim nappies work well enough.

do not want to swim in…

Ugh, you are right.

Some years ago a friend’s daughter was in a full-body cast for the summer to fix her scoliosis. Because of growth issues she was freed for one day, and of course what she wanted to do was hit the pool. So she did.

The first pool, in her local subdivision, was closed because that morning in swim class some kid had pooped in the pool and so it was closed for 24 hours for “disinfecting.” (They don’t usually drain them for these occasions. They let the chemicals do the work. My understanding is they get the people out so they can raise the chemical level.)

So she went to a local city pool. She had just gone through the shower when they closed THAT pool because somebody had just thrown up.

So, all wet in preparation for her one good swim of the summer, they drove to another city pool, only by then there was a thunderstorm brewing. Not actually raining, but the rule here is if you hear thunder or see lightning, even though it’s ever so far away, you get people out of the pool and wait 15 minutes.

Of course in this situation the storm moved closer and after awhile she gave up. The next day she was back in the body cast for the rest of the summer, by the time she got out the pools were closed, and she was bitter for YEARS. And I don’t blame her.

Thanks for clearing that up doreen. Sounds insane to me; can’t imagine that people actually get out of a natural body of water to pee on the shore.