IMHO Law & Order: SVU and NCIS are worth watching again

I had bailed on both of these long-running shows because of cast changes and weird plots, mostly involving the personal lives of the main characters. But the last few episodes of both these shows have been straightforward crime plots, suspensefully presented, believably resolved. I pronounce them watchable again.

Michael Weatherly is leaving the show and there been talks of Mark Harmon leaving too. If they both leave I really don’t see how the show can last very long .

Yeah, I don’t think the show can survive if Tony leaves. But for now…

So SVU is no longer centered around the detectives getting pregnant, adopting or going into rehab?

It’s really remarkable that NCIS has done as well as it has for as long as it has. That’s not very common anymore.

That being said, Michael Weatherly is not replaceable, IMO. He and Mark Harmon both need to be there or the show falls apart because their characters are perfect foils to each other. I’ve followed it for 13 seasons now but when he’s gone, I’m done.

I’ve never been into the L&O shows until recently. I caught an episode of L&O Criminal Intent and I enjoyed it so I catch episodes now when nothing else is on.

Why so surprised? Donald Bellisario has been recycling a similar setting since the seventies.

Don’t start binge watching Law & Order; no one will see you until Thanksgiving.

Correct! Thank goodness. The last couple of shows have been straight-up crime stories. Last night’s (which I watched today on Hulu) was a very satisfying nail-biter.

Also, Tucker, the Internal Affairs guy who has always been a complete asshole through all the L&O locations, is now a pretty decent guy and a straight arrow.

I’ve long said that *NCIS *is just Magnum, PI, repacked (and minus the palm trees).

Note that show ended almost five years ago, so you’re not watching current episodes.

Yeah, that was my fave of the L&O shows. They were puzzles and battles of wits between the criminals and our own Bobby Goren.

The latest episode of NCIS, “Scope,” was excellent.

The ending brought tears to my eyes, especially when Taye Diggs sings with the other veterans, and when Gibbs moves back to his bedroom. I didn’t realize he had been sleeping on the sofa since his wife and daughter were killed. Loved it when Tony, Tim, Jimmy, Ducky, and Leon set off on a motorcycle road trip together.


I don’t understand how the series survived with him in it. He seems to be a major asshole and the least professional cop ever.

I don’t know that I agree with it. He’s very unprofessional with other cops but when actually doing the cop stuff he seems serious and skilled.

Link to a recent article in the New York Times about NCIS reaching its 300th episode, and going into its enduring popularity. (It’s getting 20 million viewers an episode, which is rare nowadays.)

And yet, I’ve never seen a single episode.

Did the SVU producers ever explain this ridiculous blooper? I can’t believe they used this take. A literal hand-gun. :smack:

Good grief! What’s happening with this program??

This episode made me cry, too.

I had the murder figured out immediately, but the thing with Tony’s dad… my daughter-in-law died from a glioblastoma tumor four years ago, only three months after she was diagnosed-- 48 years old. :frowning: