Immigration Reform Law Institute - Thumbs up or down?

One of our local assembly pols (a Republican) is proposing that the local police be empowered to ask people if they are citizens. Not everyone, just those that they select, which sounds a lot to me like racial profiling. In the article, the paper refers to laws drafted for some states (Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma) by the Immigration Reform Law Institute. I’ve looked at their website and at some testimony by Dan Stein about immigration loopholes, but haven’t found any substantial political affiliations.

Is this a thinly-disguised bunch of fascists or are they genuinely concerned about immigration reform? The states they have crafted legislation for are not exactly bastions of liberal thought or tolerance, but that doesn’t mean the organization is right-leaning. I thought I would check with our more astute Dopers before writing an indignant letter to the paper.

I just have a brief question, which I’m afraid is not an answer, but I must know. You’re in Alaska - how much illegal immigration are you worried about up there? Honestly. I have no idea.

So, what’s the point of the police asking people if they are citizens? It’s not unheard-of for non-citizens to be in the US legally: I myself have lived in the US for nearly 8 years now, and I’m not a citizen (but I’m not an illegal immigrant).

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The Immigration Reform Law Institute’s website has no “links” page. Does this group have any connections?

RightWeb says:

And the SPLC has shown the connections between various anti-immigrant groups–some quite “presentable” and others more radical fringey. Personnel move throughout the various organizations–and contributions come from the same somewhat right-leaning sources. These groups are generally against immigration–not just the “illegal” kind. If you dig down a bit, the stench of racism is apparent.

The current President of FAIR was formerly Executive Director of the IRLI. FAIR’s links page shows how that group is bent.

Here in Houston, our police refer people charged with serious crimes to Immigration. They don’t worry about useless details when dealing with crime witnesses and/or victims.

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Not sure why you moved this. I’m not looking for opinion, but fact-based links to political connections for this group. Moving it to this forum will open it up to argument and eventually it will be Pit bound, which was not my intention. Either that, or it will just die from lack of attention.

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Folks, the OP is not looking for opinion, and wants to keep the thread in GQ. Please respond with fact-based links to political connections for this group.

I’m not worried about it at all. However, since the Assembly had the poor political sense back in 2003 to draft a resolution in opposition to the Patriot Act, Alaska has become a target for the likes of Bill O’Reilly, who has declared Alaska to be a “target state” that is soft on illegals. The move by the aforementioned Assemblyman is to try to get the state removed from that list, and to presumably assist the Feds in chasing down illegals and terrorists. We probably have as many illegal immigration problems as some other states, but we aren’t a large agricultural area, nor do we have large industry that might attrack illegals. State benefits are pretty good for the poor or disabled, so there may be some migration for that purpose. A second Assemblyman suggested that perhaps we should just bypass this process and attach yellow stars to the sleeves of suspected illegals.

Thank you, sir or madam. I would really like to be able to craft a well-reasoned letter to the editor.

I had no idea, and thank you for this information! I’ve learned something new today.

IRLI is apparently the litigation arm of FAIR.{76A852D0-F736-49E2-A3BE-A23F5FE6F6D0}

Interesting memo:

They’re an immigration reform group or an anti-immigration group depending on your leanings.

They do not appear, however, to be anything more than that. Put another way, I wouldn’t trust the SPLC trying to connect them to more radical fringe groups as anything more than the SPLC trying to tar them with the same brush as radical groups.

Interestingly enough, I heard on the local radio last week that Hamtramk (a suburb - sorta) of Detroit is considering making it ILLEGAL for police to ask anyone if they are a citizen.

I know we are in GQ, but I can’t help commenting that the linked article is equating the campaign to stop illegal immigration with the war on terrorism. They are ignoring the fact that those who carried out the 9/11 attack had entered the US legally, and that there’s no history of illegal immigrants from Mexico carrying out terrorist activity. The illegals may be a threat in other ways (though that’s debatable too), but it’s crazy to link them to terrorism.

I agree with you. To be honest, it was the first link that I found, and it had the sentence that I wanted. I saw it was a Detroit News editorial, but didn’t read much past that. I hope nobody thinks my linking to the editorial in this context suggests that I endorse its author’s viewpoints.