Immigration restrictions and enforcement, what you support

In a GD thread about immigration, HeweyLogan claimed that the liberal consensus on this board is against any restrictions on immigration and against enforcement of existing immigration law.

This thread is an attempt to establish what the actual consensus might be through polling, insofar as that is possible. This is a multiple-choice, public poll; the poll answers are not, of course, comprehensive but they are the best I could do. Due to character limits in the answers, some of them may not be perfectly clear (although this is less so now that TubaDiva has increased the limit from 100 to 200 characters). If you have questions, you can refer to my post (#177) in the other thread. Those who support none of these positions or support something not mentioned or something completely different have poll answers as well.

I’d like to see some sort of seasonal worker program. I know industries like farming have been impacted by not being able to get their migrant workers.

I think people coming into the country should show id and have their hands stamped.

No other restrictions.

I’d like to see ICE, USCIS, and CBP follow their own damn rules much more of the time than they do. And for the people charged with interpreting and enforcing the law to be much more familiar with it than many of them are.

Hand stamps?

I voted I have no opinion. I think American immigration issues should be decided by Americans. As for Canada, I support more immigration, with reasonable safeguards to keep out criminals.

Say, tattoos maybe? On their wrists?

I selected all from* Government should follow the law for immigrants seeking asylum* to Stop intentional brutality in immigration arrests. I’m not from the US, but these are what I support for my own country and by extension the US.

I wouldn’t say I don’t suppport any restrictions. Generally, my view is that immigration should be much easier and only a severe criminal history should stop someone from having the oppurtunity to move to another country.

Basically let in anyone who isn’t a known serious criminal (terrorists, murderers, etc).

I believe people should have the right to go where they please unless there’s a good reason to stop them; and “America hates brown people” isn’t even close to a good reason.