iMovie help

I’m a film shooter, not a video editor. I have three video clips in iMovie. I want to ‘splice’ them together and save the file. For a system that’s supposed to be ‘intuitive’, I’m not seeing it.

Here’s what I have.

I tried Share to File, but it only shared the last clip. I selected all of the clips and tried Share again, and it didn’t ask me for a file name. So I have these three clips. If I select them all and play them, they play them in order as expected. Now how do I save the bloody thing? :confused:

Looks like you’re just looking at your library. I think you have to create a New Project, then just drop the videos into the Project window, arrange them in the order you want them to play, then “Export.”

Yes, I chose ‘New Movie’ and then selected a theme (No Theme). Then I imported the clips, which are in the bottom window. If I select them all, I can play all of them as a single clip. But I can’t see how to save it. There is no Export option, and Share doesn’t seem to work. Let me start again…

OK, I started again and took screenshots of three steps. (The last two look the same. I’m working while this waits in the background, and I don’t remember exactly what I did.) Instead of dragging and dropping the clips, which I did before, I clicked the ‘+’. I Selected All and… Damn, I keep getting distracted by work! I think I clicked Convert trailer to movie. When I clicked Share, I was able to save the whole thing to my desktop.

This is not indicative of my shooting skills. I slipped away from [del]the couch[/del] my office to just grab some images. No tripod, no composing shots, just quick and raw ‘home movie’-level stuff… Anyway, here it is.

Thanks for the help.