Impact crater discovered in California

Oil exploration work in California’s Central Valley region has uncovered a possible space impact crater.

Neat. I like this sort of thing.

Neat. I drive through there all the time.

I’ve had just about enough of that drive. At least for a while.

I was flying north one time, and we went to the east of Mt. Shasta instead of the west. I looked down and saw several round features on the ground. I wondered if they were old impact craters, or if they were volcanic. Since I was on a commercial jet, I don’t know exactly where these features were.

There’s a series of three smaller mountains in an arc in the general location you describe, according to National Geographic map of the area. The southernmost is named “Deep Crater” – so I’d have a pretty firm guess that’s what you saw.

That was a while ago:
Crater east of Shasta? Geologists, please read.

These three off to the right?

You need to go to this site :smiley:

Could be. I noticed there are some other circular lakes to the north as well, and in a line with those three. But it’s been about six years…