Impatient loudmouths

These people just make me want to scream! You know the kind of people I’m talking about, right? The kind of people who can’t keep their thoughts to themselves, and feel they have to speak up at innappropriate times. Example? Glad you asked.

  1. I am in a bookstore in a crowded mall. There are several people waiting in the checkout line, and only one employee is manning the register (with three empty, unmanned register). Now it is obvious that they were understaffed, so it is only decent for everybody in line to have a little patience. Well, that was too much to ask for this one old bat in line. She gets her turn at the register and asks the employee “Why do you have all of these empty registers?” He calmly explains that they are understaffed and that he has called to the front for help. She then turns around and yells to the entire store “Can we get some help over here?!?” After this outburst, she asks to speak to the manager. The employee informs her that he has already asked for the manager to come back and help him ring out customers. After this she finally shuts up. I just wanted to smack her!

I could mention many more, but I think you see where I am going. Anybody else feel like this? Feel free to add your horror stories here.

I guess I’m an impatient loudmouth.

I don’t believe that “it’s only decent for everybody in line to have a little patience.” I believe that 1) it’s Christmas 2) it’s a store and 3) if the lone cashier calls for help, says there’s a big line, and nobody shows up, then the manager sure as hell should be yelled at. I think it’s silly that most of us are trained to be sheep, standing in line patiently waiting to give the lone cashier money. I’ll bitch. See the current “Customer Service” thread.

A similiar story - I’m in line at Office Depot. There’s several other people in front of me. There’s one cashier, who is trying to find a specific printer ribbon that the current first-in-line person wants. There’s 3 other people working behind a service counter right next to the checkouts - 1 is helping a customer, the other two are down behind the counter refilling or doing inventory or something. Everybody in line is groaning, rolling their eyes at each other. I finally walk over to the service counter and ask “Why is there only one person at the checkouts?” All 3 employees look at each other sheepishly, and one comes over and opens another register. Customers are now much happier.

There’s a difference between speaking up and chewing out. Talking to the service desk in your case was effective. Yelling at the one employee that was there wouldn’t have helped anything. This thread kinda ties into the customer service thread. Upper management has to work in terms of things they can measure. They can’t see on paper that if they spend more on employees then they will have happier customers. They can, however, show that paying less and charging more will make them more money… in the short run at least. And what do they care? The company goes south, they get a golden parachute.
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Please don’t yell at the poor slob who actually is working. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like 50 people glaring and muttering at you while you try to do your job? The department store I used to work at fired so much management that there was no one to monitor my useless co-workers. Plus, the few that were left were stretched so thin that they were totally ineffective. They were getting screwed, too. Ask for more help, but save your serious bitching and chewing out for the suits who get all the cash. I know it’s tempting to chew out the person who is actually accessible, but why scream at a good worker? Tell the suits about the one poor soul trying to do the work of ten.

Oh, brother. I am THE biggest loudmouth in NYC. Trust me, you do not EVER want to hang out with me, Twin.

My biggest problems are with the tourists who feel they can block the sidewalk by either holding hands with outstretched arms and walking really slowly or just stopping in the middle of the walkway. My big line is, “UM - THIS IS A SIDEWALK, NOT A SIDESTAND”.

Manhattan (the borough not the poster) is unbearable during the holiday season.

If I have to wait long at a store, I don’t usually say anything to the clerks or the managers. I feel that if they don’t want my money, I’ll find someone who will and walk out (although I do deposit the merchandise in some obvious place so they know I got sick of waiting).

That’s why I drive an hour to shop at Nordstom. Their service and their merchandise is always incredible - can’t find that in the city.

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I thought this thread was going to be about real impatient loudmouths. You know who I mean. They ask a question and then TALK OVER THE ANSWER AT DOUBLE VOLUME!!!

Yesterday a woman called and took ten minutes to ask fifteen questions that would have been answered in under 60 seconds if she had just let me finish the answer to her first question.

That’s my number one pet peeve. I’ve decided. Number one.

I agree that you shouldn’t be rude to the poor slob working the register. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak up if you’re not getting good service. If the slob can’t get the manager to get some more help, then he/she should already know that the store has a problem.

And there certainly are some customers who are difficult to deal with. We’ve all seen & dealt with them. But, in my experience, I’ve seen a lot more bad service than I’ve seen bad customers. I think the WORST thing we can do, as consumers, is stand there and just suck it up. Talk to the clerk, the manager, whoever you can. Express your dissatisfaction. Don’t be sheep - it’ll NEVER change.

Please don’t yell at the people at the checkout. All that does is make them hate their job. Find a manager. My first job was at the checkout of a department store. Every bloody thing was on sale when I got there at 9:00 and my boss said, “hurry man the register, quick!” I did so, and everyone was so happy to get a new register that they told me how long they had been waiting and how bad the service is.
To escalate the situation, the genius store manager failed to add half the sale items new prices in the computer. I had just arrived and had no clue what was and wasn’t on sale. They would scream at me, telling me that there item was overpriced and tell me I was worthless and I had kept them waiting for ten minutes and that they were very late. Yes, of course I’m the one who’s worthless, it was my fault wasn’t it?
Please be nice this holiday season and if you have a problem, clerks don’t know the answer. They sit at the checkout all day. There life is a laser gun and a cash drawer. Always take it up with management. Thanks

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You know, a little technical tweaking on that laser gun, and you could be having some fun with the customers. :wink:

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I agree, always speak up. To the management, not the employees. But if you do have a problem and need to talk to the manager, please be so kind as to step to the side so those of us who don’t can be served. I’m sure all of us have been at the register where someone at the register has a complaint about something and will just stand there so nobody else can get checked out while we all wait for the manager to come up and solve the customer’s problem.

In my area of the world, I have noticed several little things which piss me off.

One is, for some strange reason, done predominately by Black guys. They park in their cars in the middle of the street, with traffic backing up behind them, and have chats with each other and then get pissed when we beep our horns! Especially at intersections, if one guy sees another friend who just turned in and they both stop, window to window and chat, ignoring the pileup behind them!

The lady in the electric handicapped cart in the all night store, at around midnight, plugging up the isles and obviously NOT handicapped.

People who bring their infants, obviously cranky ones, into restaurants, where the little darling starts screaming and continues to do so through the entire meal disturbing everyone but them.

Hispanics in a store in a little group plugging the lane I need to get through who begrudgingly move aside and then jabber in Spanish among themselves while grinning toothily and looking at me.

They guy at the gas pump filling his tank across from me who JUST HAS TO JIGGLE THE TRIGGER to get the amount in right to the dollar and makes MY pump bounce! (These guys, getting $5.00 worth, start this around $4.02.)

The couple who bring their baby into the smoking area of a restaurant where I’m enjoying a smoke, who sit next to me and rudely tell me to put my smoke out because they have a baby with them. (I’m a lady and decline from telling them to stick my cigarette, lit end first, up their asses and continue smoking.)

I had a bastard boss when working construction that would ask you a question, being a real dick about it, then when you would try to answer him, he would start saying “What? Hurry up! What’s the answer” etc., interrupting you, never letting you finish. Explaining something to him would take forever because you would have to wait for him to shut up again, then continue.

The best bet was to either ignore him, or yell at him.


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Coldfire, is it not perfect? You took the words out of my mouth.

I expect you’ll get plenty of flack for your racist post above, but regarding this crack:

I’m not getting into a whole explination as I have in the past. Suffice to say here a big “*uck you” (I dont’ feel like opening the topic in the pit. I think you get the point). “*uck you” and all the other people so smart that you can pick out a handicapped person just by looking. You make me sick.

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Anita and Homer, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

Zette… I gotta agree with your post here.

Anita…hon…sweetie…sugarlips, ya gotta get a handle on these racist tendencies. It’s not politically correct to wear white sheets anymore.

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I’m not politically correct and I never have been and if I spot someone of ANY race doing something that annoys me, I say it like it is. I’ve found White people doing the same thing, but more frequently, Blacks. (I don’t believe in this Afro-American crap either. I remember when Blacks were ‘Coloreds’, then ‘Blacks’, then ‘Negros’ and now ‘African Americans’ which is slowly trying to change to straight ‘Africans’. The people of this color have changed their designation of ancestry more times than any other of the many who have come to these shores.

BTW, I observed the so called handicapped lady hopping easily off of the scooter and strolling about in areas, like woman’s’ clothing, where the machine was hard to steer. I’ve caught white women doing this also, usually plump ones only if you look at them, you get this challenging glare back.

I also get real pissed off over these spry old white men who park their huge, expensive, top of the line cars in handicapped spots, displaying the handicapped tag of the wife who is NOT with them, and they jump out and trot happily into the store. I have not found any ‘Afro-American’ older men doing that.

I ran into a similar issue as the OP.

I was in the grocery store and the checkout lady was having a problem with one customer. This has been a while so I don’t know the exact wording this lady used to the clerk, but I was next in line and the lady said some rude things to her.

When it was my turn I looked at the clerk and said something to the degree, “boy that lady was rude.” I asked her if she was okay, she looked like she was going to cry.

She stated (this I remember) that her husband just lost his job and she’s 4 months pregnant. I looked at her and said that some people just don’t understand that other people may be having just as bad of a day.

I told her I hoped her day went better, with a smile.

People sometimes don’t realize that sales clerks in a retail store may be just as frazzled as the customer. Sometimes being patient and understanding is in the bet interest of all.

Just my opinion

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