Impeach Earl Warren

Hey. I’m older than dirt. I remember driving through the highways in Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, much of the South and probably many other states in 1959. Huge signs saying “Impeach Earl Warren.”

Of course, Warren, appointed to the SCOTUS by the “conservative” Eisenhower, disappointed his right wing supporters by voting for “Roe vs. Wade,” ending mandatory school prayer, ending school segregation, and supporting “one man, one vote.”

I’ll lay odds there will be such billboards erected within the week saying “impeach John Roberts.” In those same hotbeds of pointy-headed ignorants.

Impeach samclem.

Fucking brilliant way to get in a cheapshot at the South, fucktard. If you weren’t a mod, you’d have made my ignore list for this bullshit. Bite me in fee simple absolute.

I know you love me. :wink:

I’m born in Danville, VA., went to school in Richmond, VA. Lived in Durham, NC for five years. I’m Southern. But I can be an equal opportunity hater when it come to ignorance. I’ve met more than my share in Ohio the last 40 years.

(of course, they all migrated here from the South.). :smiley:

Well, the south is where most of those signs were put up.

Impeach Antonin Scalia!

You really are a shithead. If you’re a southerner, go north immediately and permanently. To Greenland. Court adjourned sine die.

Shouldn’t you be starting another 5000 content-free threads fellating a vacuous liberal agenda? Be sure to include links and lengthy quotes instead of anything original.

You’re still posting. Get on the northbound road, you worthless animal.

At least nobody ever complained about his time as a stripper.

Make me. Or blow a goat. I’m good, either way.

Now you all understand why I started this in the Pit. :slight_smile:

We really should have let the Confederacy go back in 1861.

Then we should have nuked them after 1945.

Earl Warren had nothing to do with Roe v. Wade. Warren Burger was CJ at that time. IIRC.

The reason that Earl Warren was suggested for impeachment was that he was the author of Brown v. Board of Education, a unanimous opinion that held that separate schools segregated by skin color was inherently unequal.

As for the digression about the South, it does have its share of racists and idiots, but so do most places. What the South has special going for it is that many of their dipshits to this day excuse the treason that led to their war for slavery.

Holy shit, you believe that Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska are in the south.

Goddamn there is never going to be a day when southerners stop embarrassing themselves like this, is there? Every other group tries to rise above prejudices but Southerners are just obsessed with proving them right.

*Everyone *makes fun of the south. My sister who lives in the south makes fun of the south. My mom who grew up in the south and loves her southern family makes fun of the south. Seth MacFarlane who was born in Connecticut and is the producer of the hit television series Family Guy makes fun of the south! okay, bad example

I already said as much in another thread:

](’m sure there will be plenty of mouth breathers up in arms about this but I doubt it will be limited to the South. The Tea Party loons are everywhere.
Just the suggestion that this would happen was enough to cause our friend Bricker to have a hissy-fit:

]( course, I didn’t say any such thing about Roberts. Not ever, anywhere.

If you keep reading that thread he continues to try to twist things to make it look like I did call Roberts all sorts of ugly things, until Marley tells everyone to drop it.

Seems to me some folks are a bit sensitive about this topic.

I was born on June 7. I share this birthdate with Beau Brummell, Dean Martin and Prince. This swells me with pride. It informs my personal sense of self-worth and cultural identity. So, preemptively, fuck you for making any critical remarks about Beau Brummell, Dean Martin or Prince. You never can resist the temptation to make those cheap shots using tired stereotypes. My personal outrage is, of course, entirely justified. Because I was born on June 7. If you were not, then shut the fuck up.

Mmm, burger.

Anyway, as amusing as the knee-jerk reaction by Oakminster was, I bet we will see those signs go up all over the place. Anywhere there’s enough people (which could be a single person) willing to put up the money for a billboard.

And Republicans, please please impeach a sitting Republican-appointed Chief Justice while there’s a Democratic president and Democratic control of the Senate.

B-b-but what about Elvis? Think of a world with no Elvis! :smiley: