Imperial Glory: Anyone tried it out?

Just wondering if anyone has tried this game out yet. They are billing it as similar to Rome Total War, and I have to admit it LOOKS pretty cool, but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet and gamespy hasn’t done a review yet. So…anyone playing? If so, what are your impressions? How good is the computer AI? How fun are the campaigns? How cool are the sea battles(!!)?

For anyone not familiar with the game at all, here is the website for it. Getting a bit bored with World of Warcraft and looking for a cool strategy game to tide me over for the summer…is this it?


Curious about this game as well. I did read some reviews by gameplayers (which can be admittedly crappy) which on the whole seemed favorable but many did say it is a almost pure ripoff of Rome: Total War and they seemed to think Rome:Total War was overall better. Their only plus for Imperial Glory was better naval battles than Rome: Total War has (naval battles are about the only oversight that otherwise excellent game made).

If for some reason you have not played Rome: Total War I highly recommend it. I kinda like the others in the Total War series but Rome: Total War is a true leap forward for the series. Well worth $50 IMHO.

Barring that I always fall back on Civilization III when I need a good strategy fix. That game never quite grows old and is worth revisiting from time-to-time.

Oh, I think xtisme is familiar with it :slight_smile: :

A friend is just getting heavy into R:TW. Right now for his second campaign he’s following a suggestion I made that I first saw on one of the R:TW sites. Playing as Germania and abandoning the homeland completely ( stripping it of troops, ignoring the cities and other neighbors, etc. ) to make one do or die push into Italy as an invading nomadic horde. I always wanted to try that one myself and despite some difficulty it has worked out pretty well for him - he’s taken all of Italy and the counter-attacking Romans have occupied undefended Germania, precisely reversing the teritorial/strategic position in his favor :p.

All his discussion of it has gotten me to dust off my cown opy two days ago. Playing a Carthaginian campaign right now and enjoying it a lot. Great game ( especially since the last patch propped up the AI a little and ameliorated some glaring issues ).

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I’ve played my way through RTW and I agree completely…great game (in fact I did a thread on it when it first released). I’m actually waiting for the expansion due out in a few months where you get to play the barbarian invaders bent on destruction. :slight_smile:

ANyway, hopefully SOMEONE on this board has tried out IG. If not I’ll probably have to break down this weekend and just go get a copy. I wouldn’t mind actually if its a rip off of RTW…as I think RTW with guns, cannon and ships (as well as the ability to put troops in buildings) would be a beautiful things. Always wanted to play Napoleon anyway…


Curse you Tamerlane! There goes my Friday night! Looking for my copy of R:TW now to try that out (was just about to fire up Civ-III but gotta try that Germania thing).

Sorry xtisme…I actually had IG in my hands not two days ago at the store and opted for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident instead. I lean towards strategy games but was worried at a carbon copy of R:TW. I agree more of a good thing is not bad but I opted for something different.

Ahh well…

Beat me too it. I also know what I’ll be doing tonight (curses). I never did manage to win with the purple guys (forget what their name is now off the top of my head)…think its time to fire it back up and see if I can do that. :slight_smile:

No worries…if no one on the board has tried it I’ll just take a chance and check it out this weekend and perhaps bring this thread back to life with a quick review of my thoughts on it.


I did QA for this game. It’s pretty good, though nowhere near Rome. Battles are much smaller, the strategic portion of the game isn’t as interesting, and the sea battles seriously blow. Still, it’s a decent outing, and if you’re a real fan of the genre, you’ll probably find enough in it to satisfy you. IIRC, multiplayer was still buggy when we shipped it. Don’t know if we’ve released a patch for that yet. Single player was pretty solid, though.

The only problem I have with the sea battles are that they take so long. It’s good in theory though. Always fun to capture the enemies ships.

The strategic map isn’t as fun as in any of the Total War series, but I do enjoy the tactical a lot. The ability to hide behind a fence, or in the woods, or in a building add a lot more depth to the battle. You get to really think strategically (strategery). And it’s not uncommon to completly wipe out the opposing army.

What I like best about it is that the game is very easy to learn. Just go through the tutorial once (although it is not a must) just to get a hang of the buttons, then you’re on your way.

Thought this thread died. :slight_smile: I did actually go out and buy the game, but it won’t play for some odd reason on my main system. It keeps saying I have an incorrect DvD key, even though I took the game back and got a replacement. Talking to their tech support, its something with how I have my DvD player configured…though they couldn’t really help much.

I did load it on my laptop and played for a while. Its certainly not Total War, thats for sure. So much potential there…wasted. The tactical combat especially I found frustrating. Afaict there is no pause key in either the land or sea battles. In the land battles, unlike reality OR the TW games, there doesn’t seem to be any moral factor for your troops. They will just stand there and take a pounding and they won’t ever retreat (granted I haven’t played extensively) unless they are nearly wiped out. THis is something thats especially frustrating because there is no pause key so you can look over the map and see whats happening. No fog of war either.

All in all its a beautiful game graphics wise…and maybe someone will put out some decent mods to play, or maybe they will patch the game at some point to fix some of these issues. In the mean time, I’ll be going back to TW:R since I like the game better AND it plays on my main system.


There is a moral function, but it’s not terribly well implemented. Try charging a square of infantry with a cavalry unit; the cavalry will usually break and retreat. On the other hand, you can often order a unit of infantry that’s been depleted to just one or two soldiers to charge two or three full-strength units with no hesitation.

I realize this thread is in the dead dog area, and also that not many dopers are playing this game but I have a few questions for anyone who is and didn’t want to start a whole new thread to ask them.

My questions are…how do you annex a country via military take over? In the documentation it says that you simply occupy it long enough and eventually it will fully become part of your empire. And this seems to work fine for the computer…when IT occupies a countries capital or even a territory long enough it changes color and the computer is then free to build stuff there and move its forces out to somewhere else. When I try the same thing though it never works…reguardless of how long I occupy the capital or what level of troops I have. Just for giggles I played a game recently and took over a small nation early in the game and occupied it non-stop throughout the game until the very end…and it NEVER assimilated into my empire. So…am I doing something wrong here or is this a broken ‘feature’?

Another feature I suspect is broken…if you get to the end of the technology tree and research the last thing there the game in effect freezed. At least I can’t get out of the technology tree after that, as the check box is greyed out. There doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about this ‘feature’, so what I’ve been doing is when I get to the last few technologies to research, if I haven’t won the game yet and still want to play, I simply switch all my research points into money as this give me more time.

My final question is…how do you repair damaged troops? If you right click on a damaged trooper (one with a red cross over its head) you get a box listing its experience…and a curious button marked ‘Restore’. This box is ALWAYS greyed out though afaict so doesn’t appear to do anything. Basically what I’ve had to resort too is to build an army of the same exact type and nationality and then drag the full strength unit onto the damaged unit…then delete the now understrength new unit (you do this to keep the units experience). Is this really the only way to do this?

Anyway, would appreciate it if some folks who have played the game could chime in with some advice. This is definitely a broken gem here…its actually a lot of fun to play, but there are some VERY annoying ‘features’ and lots of broken stuff here.


With major powers like Prussia or France, you can’t annex them per se, what you do is occupy the capital long enough (there should be a screen that tells you how many turns you have to wait or somethign of that nature. You do get a screen when the capital falls) to pacify the country. You can never out and out annex the. All you do is take them out of the game, and if you ever remove a military pressence from that territory, they’ll come back.

You’re on your own there. I’ve never made it that far. You know, short attention span and all that jazz.

In order to heal troops you have to research the “Surgery” icon in the tech tree. I don’t know if other governments have to opportunity, but I do know that it’s in the middle of the second age when you’re in the Despot government.

In order to heal, all you do is transfer the damaged troops into an acadamy in a territory that has military hospital built and click the restore button. You’ll have to pay some resources, but you get a fully healed unit imediately.

It doesn’t seem to work for the minor powers either…least I haven’t noticed even taking something like Saxony is possible through direct military means. My main strategy is to attempt peaceful annexation, or to wait until another major power takes a country over, then pick a fight with them, liberate the country and not occupy, and then try the peaceful option. Either that or use resistance cells to topple a power from a capital and then take it that way. The benifit though is to liberate another nations capital as it gives you points to your friendlyness with other nations.

lol, I can understand that. I really like the game though, flaws and all.

Never seen ‘Surgery’ on the tech tree. But then I’ve never played ‘Despot’…I usually pick Democracy and either got Republic or Constitutional Monarchy. I’ll have to give it a shot. Its kind of stupid though that it requires you to pick one course or not have the feature…and also that its a hospital thing and not simply logistics (i.e. troop replacement instead of miraculous ‘healing’). Oh well…least I know now.

Thanks for the imput. Appreciate it. Would be nice if some of these ‘features’ were documented though. That and something that allowed me to slow down or speed up time during tactical combat would be nice.


I still play the game quite often, but towards the end, all the minors have been annexed and only about two other superpowers are around. I get bored and start over.

I’ve never tried the peacefull annexation. I prefer to wipe out their armies. I’m surprised you can’t annex them though. Just put an army in their capital, and let it sit there for a few turns. If they have more than one territory, if you control one, and get peace, they’ll cede that land to you.

Not to hijack the thread, but did you know that Civ IV is about four months from release?

I won’t be interested in Civ 4 unless they finally stop using that awful Civ-1 styles combat system. And could they please stop making my poor soldiers take a thousand years to move? Hopefully, corruption won’t be a huge factor anymore, either.

Let’s just say I had some issues with Civ 4.

I’ve heard Civ IV is being released but I’m holding out for the Rome Total War expansion I think. Their MTW expansion was really good and over all I still find the TW games to be the best for this kind of thing. I just wish they made a TW game set in the same time frame as Imperial Glory. I really had high hopes for IG, and graphics wise the game is stunning. Even game play wise its not THAT bad…but there are some things that just make the game a lot less fun to play than it could have been. Things like no ability to give orders while paused in tactical combat (either land or sea), and no ability to speed up or slow down time. Even the ability to dress your lines is missing and you essentially have to either take one of their generic formations or you have to essentially position each regiment at a time…unlike TW which allows you to dress multiple regiments at a time. All the other annoying things in tactical combat (like your troops just standing there and getting pounded to death while you are doing something else, cannon firing directly into a hill side you didn’t see and killing themselves, etc) would be fine if I could just manipulate time and give orders while paused.

Supposedly they have a major patch coming out…hopefully they will fix the things that are outright broken (like getting to the end of the tech tree and being stuck in the tech tree interface until you alt-tab out of the game) and put in some much needed enhancements. Its a shame that this game was released before it was ready.