So I’m wondering if the most popular ‘friends’ internet site in the middle east is called Fez Book?

Well, someone had to reply. Bwah!

Other than that, I got nothin’. I’m busy composing my “I hate November” pit thread. Do stay tuned! There’s vodka!

Okay, I’m probably the only one with the vodka, but, still. You know. Fez!


Chefguy, I’m just depressed because I’m on Vancouver Island and I STILL miss Alaska. You’d think after ten or fifteen years, I’d be over it. Damn it–I fell in love with your frickin’ Alaska, and I will never, ever stop missing it.

Why is Michigan City in Indiana?

Why are Vancouver, WA and Vancouver, BC not adjacent to each other, despite being in states/provinces that are?

Why is London midway between Toronto and Detroit?

Wait, wait… did the OP just invoke a series of books by David Feldman that are technically competing with The Straight Dope? Is that even allowed? Should we get the squid?

And why is Indiana in Pennsylvania?

Why is Honolulu in Alaska, but Oahu has better anchorage?

I didn’t make this one up, but after I read it, I began pondering it: What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Is this a real question? That is, do you want someone to report the post so that it can be moved to GQ?

I’ve never heard of that site, and had no idea there were so many Internet connections in the middle east (what with a bit of country-wide censorship here and there). But from what I understand the largest ‘friends’ network is actually older than you think – hence how it grew so large. It’s a group site of people sharing information, pictures, and video of their pet rats, gerbils, and other ‘alternative’ pet mammals. Maybe that’s why it’s so large – a million cat and dog sites out there, but one main source of making friends and sharing stories of rodents. I think it started out as a discussion board focused on exercise wheels, hence its name: Mice Pace.

I have family that lives in Indiana, PA and they have never understood the idea that this is a problem in conversation. When they travel, they talk to people they don’t know and reference ‘Indiana’ like it is self-evident and it confuses the crap out of people. At least if you are from Paris or Boston, Texas people can usually figure out the most famous place name is not the one you are referring to. No such luck there.

What kind of simile would one use to describe how a christmas tree is lit.
And why do people who live in Oregon, Ohio mispronounce their city name (besides to make me purple with rage?)


Why is it that I can spruce myself up, and pine for my lover, but can’t deciduous myself anything?

Is there another word for thesaurus?

Lit like an Irishman on a bender?

Why do New Yorkers mispronounce “Houston St.”?

Draft beer.

Since headwear helps keep you cool in summer, could it be said that Sikhs are turban-cooled units?

Probably for much the same reason that Delaware is in Ohio. But in that case you can say that President Rutherford Hayes was born in Delaware, and was born in Ohio.