Important News for Mad Scientist Dopers!

I’m sure all of you have heard of The Black Hole of Los Alamos, which has all kinds of crazy surplus items (mechanical calculators, photo multiplier tubes and much, much more). NPR did a piece on the owner, and it seems he’s in pretty poor health, so if you’ve been wanting something and haven’t gotten around to checking to see if he’s got it, you might want to consider doing that soon. (He’s 85, so if his cancer doesn’t get him, old age certainly will.)

Wow! It’s like a junkyard for science nerds!

I should get my dad one of those old calculators. And a flow meter for myself!

Where did the rodent cages come from? :dubious:

No! My unistrut fittings!

(That’s quite sad–he seems like a good guy all around. Is he planning to leave the business to anyone else?)

Blast! I saw the title and immediately thought that the NRA had finally overturned the ban on 1920’s Style Death Rays.

(pats ray missing final necroscopic emitter)
Some day, Betsy. Some day.