IMPORTANT: Slight changes in forum rules - resurrection not forbidden

In this thread on Forum Rules, we revised and revamped the rules for Cafe Society. While there are some general rules that apply to all of the Straight Dope Message Boards, there are different refinements and different guidelines that apply in different forums.

Please, read the new Rules.

I particularly want to call your attention to the section on resurrecting old threads, which is now more permissive in Cafe Society:

If yoy’d like to make comments on the new forum rules, here’s the place to do it: Comment on the New Forum Rules

Did you forget to lock this? :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds important, so we’d better keep bumping it so it stays on the first page.

No, I think this is good.

No, I didn’t forget to lock it, I figured to leave it open for a while… the more chance people have to express themselves on policy changes, the better.

[Muffin walks in naked, looks around furtively, expresses himself, and sneaks out.]

This is a really good idea given how long it takes for movies to come out on DVD at times.

Jesus now allowed in Cafe Society.

Naw, this is Cafe Society, so remember your Dickens – the Resurrection Man is the graverobber.

I haven’t been around here very long, but I think this is an excellent policy change! I hope it works out – I know that things can get tricky when they’re allowed “sometimes,” but hopefully we’ll live up to the trust we’ve been given. :wink:

My mother reposted my thread once… Once!

::tastes the beer-and-noodles soup::

I just read this rule change, and I agree!!

When I consolidated the Forum Rules, I forgot the one about thread titles… it had been in a separate sticky thread.

This has now been fixed, so a reminder that thread titles should provide descriptions of the topic, and not just be “Isn’t this great?” or “What do you think?”

Here: New Forum Rules

I figure that by posting the warning here, it will attract some attention.

It would be nice if nobody complained about “resurection” on any thread on any forum. So what if someone left? Life is for the living. Do we have to stop talking about SDI because Reagan is dead?

Well… it’s basically up to the moderators of each forum. There’s pretty sound reason why, for instance, the moderators of the Pit don’t want people re-opening old scabs. “Oh, look, I see that two years ago there was a great huge bit of excitement about a banned member, what was all that about?”

Oddly enough, I was just thinking about resurrecting one of my own threads before I saw this. This is great. Thanks!

I’d really like to be resurected as Claudia Schiffer. Can anyone arrange that?

Viola! You’re Claudia Schiffer!

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: