Importing message number 14267 from Out

I am trying out Odysseus as a possible successor to Eudora. Currently importing all my old email. It crashed the first time, but seems to be trucking right along now. I have about 17 regular mailboxes, some with just a few thousand msgs. It’s currently sucking down the Out box so it’s made it from A to O.

Aah, just switched to Outbox Archives 1997-01!

Mundane? √ Pointless? √ …

Well, let us know how you like Odysseus at least.

I have been using Eudora since 1997 too (it was the mail program they made us use in college, and I like it). I spent a few hours transferring all my stuff to Thunderbird one night, and had it all set up, but I found it un-useable.

My biggest gripe with Thunderbird (and also Outlook) is that I am very used to having everything contained in one app and NO extra windows. I could not get used to how Thunderbird was laid out and how it checked for new messages. I tried for a long time to configure it to look/work like Eudora, even tried plugins, but it was not happening for me. I was back to Eudora within a day.

My use of Eudora drives my business partner nuts, because it’s not all fancy and foofy like Outlook is. The fact that I can’t reply to him with Word-like formatting makes him want to kill me sometimes. heh

a) Filters isn’t up to speed yet; it holds a lot of promise (more tiers of IF, actually, than Eudora has) but for now the dropdown that defaults to “contains” has no other options aside from “contains”. No “starts with”, “is”, intersects nickname", “matches regular expression”, etc etc

b) Very odd thing when I wen to sort by the Date field after import: it sorted by “date” all right but as if the “date” field were a text field… so 1/3/1999 would be grouped with 1/3/2000 and 1/3/2001, with 1/4/1999 farther down… all the Januaries together, then all the Februaries…

c) I don’t think attachments imported.

They have a lot of it working now though. Powerful/fast search, multiple accounts (“personalities” in Eudie-speak), a lot of the look & feel of Eudora, etc.